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I take two of these at dinner time...

Reviewer1802112发表于 Aug 14, 2009

And I would say it's doing its job. I know the effects of taking flaxseed oil... well for me, anyway. It makes me lose weight, my skin is more supple...I feel better emotionally, and my libido gets crazy, y'all. When that happens I know its the flaxseed oil. And it took about 2-3 weeks for the effects to kick in. Good stuff.


It really works for cancer!암에 정말 효과 짱!

4760660430271107677发表于 May 02, 2012

My-12 year-old Maltese dog has breast cancer. She was depressed, weak and skinny. My vet refused to remove tumors because she is old and weak. I was worried. I happened to see one who had a dog with the same breast cancer. I did what the dog owner did. She had the followings: -AHCC(manufactured by Jarrow Formulas), -Artemisinin(manufactured by Doctor's Best), -Organic flax seed oil(manufactured by Jarrow Formulas), -Daily Best Senior for Dogs(manufactured by Pet Naturals of Vermont), -Brazilian Green Propolis(manufactured by Apiario) 3~4 drops -Later on, calcium citrate and lutein are added for bone and eye health. -Shik-hae, which is one kind of fermented Korean traditional beverage because it is made from wheat sprouts. Wheat sprouts has big amount of SOD and my vet recommended me to give her. I made Shikhae without any sugar or sweetener. -At least more than 30 minutes of exercise is needed every day! I gave her chicken chest meat mainly and very small amount of cooked brown rice every day. I seldom give her the food which is rich in carbohydrate and iron because they are extremely harmful for cancer patients. I’m so happy and amazed at the result! She is really healthy, energetic and lively. Tumors have been shrunken a bit. Thank you very much for giving me best products at reasonable price.


Definitely worth buying!

Supplementsdiy发表于 Nov 17, 2013

Alpha Linolenic Acid (ALA) is part of the Omega 3 families. It is often overlooked due to attention given its siblings, EPA and DHA. ALA is the precursor to EPA and EPA is the precursor to DHA. Just EPA and DHA, ALA also comes with its own set of benefits such as protection against various cancer, lower unhealthy cholesterol, lower high blood pressure, improve mood, protects against cardiovascular diseases, fight arthritis and reduce intestinal problems. Though ALA is the precursor to EPA, it is poorly converted by our body (about 5%) therefore it is necessary to take EPA and DHA separately. The softgel is made of gelatin (not suitable for vegetarian), fairly large (same size as standard fish oil softgel) but easily swallowed. As it consists of flax oil which oxidised easily, it is best kept in the refrigerator. I would recommend taking 3 daily. The price is fair for 200 softgels, the best value for money and has no smell. It will last slightly more than 2 months if taken 3 daily. Be careful not to confuse this product with Alpha Liploic Acid which is commonly used for its antioxidant properties. Check out my page for more reviews!


good for the skin

Reviewer1181041发表于 Apr 02, 2009

take it once daily and i've noticed my skin to be smoother and supple.



Reviewer1574363发表于 Jan 23, 2009

and great product. Definitely helps to improve your joints and so much more!


flaxseed oil GELS

Reviewer2156063发表于 Feb 15, 2011

We first tried the oil taken by the spoonful. This, in our case, was not satisfactory due to the taste. We next ordered the oil in gel form and it is working well. The capsules are small and easy to swallow. We recommend them highly. Dr. G. M. Fisher Florida


One of the Best Flaxseed Oils- go Organic!

Reviewer2962422发表于 Jul 26, 2012

Jarrow is one of the better brands out there, I can see a big difference with the Flaxseed Oil. Clinical studies suggest that flaxseed oil and other omega-3 fatty acids may be helpful in treating a variety of conditions. These are the "good fats" that we need to maintain good health. I pesonally take it because like they say, all good skin starts from within, and after a few months of taking this Flaxseed Oil, I can see a nice shine-glow to my skin. I take 2 Softgels with my breakfast cereal daily. I highly recommend this product and brand.


Great Product.

Reviewer2582051发表于 Aug 08, 2012

Flax is highly perishable which is why I like these capsules from Jarrow. I don't smell any rancidity, but I keep them in the fridge anyway. It is good to keep all capsules containing oils in the fridge. I take flax along with Evening Primrose Oil to balance hormones, and so far so good.



Reviewer1793628发表于 Apr 23, 2010

I guess this product makes me feel secure. The brand has proven time and again to deliver high quality and effectiveness in my life and coupled with knowing that Flaxseed oil is an important omega 3 source-one of the highest sources of ALA which helps to fight inflammation etc-and that it is coming to me from this brand, makes me feel really good about ordering it. Easy to swallow for so large a pill too.



Reviewer2008937发表于 Jan 30, 2011

better than fish oil especially if your an a blood type


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