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Last detail in loosing weight and water

Freddds-Active-B12-Folate发表于 Jun 20, 2007

This specific form of carntine allowed mwe to loose 50 pounds of fat and water just by taking it with my other supplements. With another form of carnitine I put back on 3opounds in 6 weeks, and have taken 18 of that off again. IT also game me an immediate boost in energy and mood.


Great product great price

Jodi-Hummingbird发表于 Jun 25, 2010

This is the best form of carnitine according to Dr Sinatra. I take this for Myalgic Enephalomyelitis and it really helps my heart problems. Improved the time I can stay upright hugely; from 10 minutes a day to 20 or so. Ubiquinol gave me another 10 too. Dr Sinatra explains that ubiquinol/CoQ10 works synergistically with carnitine, as does ribose and magnesium. He calls them the 'awesome foursome' of cardiac health.


Energy and Legs

Reviewer2527911发表于 Jul 22, 2008

With all that this product is known to accomplish, I was amazed at one thing that it helped with ..leg cramps. With all the things available for this problem and all the reason these cramps occur. this was a suprise. Spasm's in the calf, even the thigh or the foot itself were relieved.I take 1000 to 1500mg before bed...and I cannot tell you all how amazing this was.Also not as easily fatgued during the day. Mainer


Helps my Heart Palpitations

Reviewer2781431发表于 Sep 26, 2007

Got this for my wife and I solely for weight loss, with Alpha-Lipoic Acid. For me I felt a dramatic "calming' effect. My wife didn't. At the time I started taking it, I had a 24/7 heart monitor as part of my yearly checkup from my cardiologist. For 2 weeks prior to taking it I had daily heart palpitations that I recorded. After taking it, and experiencing the "calming" effect on me, I did not have any palpitations to record. Because my wife did not experience this "calming" effect as I did, I assume that my body was lacking this nutrient. My Cardiologist agreed. I still take my heart meds, but I take this in addition to them. I haven't had a heart palpitations for 1.5 years since I began taking L-Carnitine.


very effective weight loss supplement

Reviewer3084942发表于 Jul 01, 2011

I experienced increased energy, loss of appetite and significant weight loss! Started taking this about a month ago along with changing my diet to be mostly fresh fruits & veggies, some cooked food (like cooked veggies/tofu, occasional bread, rice, etc.), some fish and egg... Lost over 5kg in one month! (to get in shape for a TV show, went from about 65 to less than 60!) I feel the supplement definitely boosted the weight loss - after taking one capsule in the morning I felt more energetic to practice yoga before eating breakfast. Then took another before lunch with some green tea... and WOW! I could feel new energy literally tingling in my body & felt like I had to move around to use it up. I also felt less hungry and less cravings during the day (yet of course my change in diet also helped this effect)... want to add a word of caution though... I'm a singer and my appetite went down so much that I didn't eat enough carbs before performing and ended up getting really dizzy during a set. So make sure you still eat enough even if you don't feel hungry! :)



Reviewer3144153发表于 Apr 20, 2012

I've had atrial fibrillation, but am now in normal sinus rhythm after an ablation. Whenever I feel at all weak, or have a premature beat, I take 1000 mg. of L-Carnitine and feel much better in a few minutes. I've been using L-carnitine for years in this way. It's really helpful, without side effects that I can detect except for feeling better. I'm over 80.


Jarrow Formulas, L-Carnitine Fumarate 500

Reviewer2740663发表于 Jun 12, 2008

i am taking it along with Alpha Lipoic Sustain, can't really tell if it helps me with musule building, but with Alpha Lipoic, i did found my shoulder pain is gone!


A Blessing!

Reviewer1469952发表于 Dec 06, 2009

I have a heart condition. This product has given me more energy all day long. It's wonderful! No more shortness of breath when I walk or try to grocery shop. A side effect, I have lost a few pounds.


Very Good Product

Reviewer3101063发表于 Jan 24, 2010

I had been ill with congestive heart failure and used this product to get my self feeling better when I started exercising again. This product does support the heart. I had very good results and feel much better. I been taking this for about four years now and will continue to do so.



Reviewer2101303发表于 Mar 12, 2010



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