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MK-7 Vitamin K2 ~ Clinical Proven Results

Reviewer1414114发表于 Apr 26, 2008

Jarrow Forumula provides the best, most highly absorbably, biologically active form of Vitamin K2 that has been clinically proven to REVERSE arterial calcification by up to 50% in test subjects. Excess calcium in the arteries is a far better indicator of cardiovascular risk than cholesterol which is the hoax that has been used to brainwash the American populace as the principal cause for heart attacks and strokes. MK-7 helps the body assimilate calcium in the bones and teeth while preventing calcification of the soft tissue as well as maintaining arterial elasticity which helps regulates blood pressure. Vitamin K has many benefits for the body beyond proper blood clotting...I have only listed a few of its benefits. Read the medical literature you will be surprised as I was. Jarrows Forumlas a great price for a clinically effective dose in one softgel.


Absolutely Amazing

Reviewer3355855发表于 Sep 16, 2011

Many children today are developing small jawbones (See research of Weston A. Price) due to low levels of Vit. A, D, and K2 (Price recommends fermented cod liver oil and grass fed cow butter in spring). k2 is said to help the lower portion of the jaw develop. My 8 year old son was showing signs of teeth crowding, heading towards braces. After 2 weeks of Jarrow's k2, I noticed signs of jaw growth! Outwardly, his jaw was looking slightly wider. Inside, his bottom teeth were no longer as overlapped as before. Absolutely amazing. Friends started to notice his facial developments as well. His nose is also less stuffy, and his palate expands, also opening the nasal passage. He is always given this product with some fish oil or butter, along with vit. A and D. Schussler's Tissue salts are also thrown in for extra mineral assurance. I'm so glad I found this excellent product, (as we can not afford to buy Green Pasture's X factor butter oil).


Low Vitamin K due to Celiac Disease

Reviewer2784429发表于 Mar 26, 2007

I had low vitamin K due to Celiac Disease(Gluten Intolerance) and antibiotics that killed the natural K producing bacteria. This is the best absorbed Vitamin K supplement on the market in my opinion.



Reviewer2189233发表于 Apr 17, 2011

i used this last summer to skip a root canal procedure costing thousands. It did recalsify my tooth and the pain disappeared. I switched to cheaper MK-2 and the results gradually faded. I am sticking with MK-7 from now now, also Jarrow products havent let me down! Also using horsetail tea has assisted in the re-enamilization and its only $4 a box. Dentist know all all this.



Reviewer3163132发表于 Nov 21, 2008

I was using the product to help get calcium into my bones,but also found out it is good for my heart. I have only been on this product 3 months and my chiropractor told me my spine alignment is staying in place longer than before.


Easy to take

Reviewer2676453发表于 Dec 30, 2008

This capsule is so small, it is a breeze to take. I can't say how well this works, but I can say that I have taken it on and off for a couple of years now, and during a recent cardio series was found to have zero percent(0%) blockage in my carotid arteries, and 1% was an option. This product combined with a good Serrapeptase product and Enzymedica LypoGold is a good choice for the circulatory system.


Good stuff

Reviewer1153577发表于 Oct 13, 2008

As a coumadin patient, the K2 helps strip the calcium deposits from my blood vesses. Very important.


MK-7 only hurt me

Reviewer2882806发表于 Feb 25, 2014

MK-7 only made my health worse. I now only get vitamin K1 from my diet. Vitamin K1 is safer and less toxic - that's what the government says. Your body already makes K2 in the amount that it chooses. MK-7 companies don't want you to know about the side effects and risks of having this in your blood for 72 hours. MK-7 can build up and cause toxicity. Don't trust everything Life Extension says about MK-7. Search around and you'll see what I mean. Irritability and worse. Don't be fooled by marketing hype and rat safety studies.


Helps me tolerate calcium

Reviewer2158964发表于 May 18, 2008

I have taken this for one month. After two weeks, I was able to tolerate calcium supplements. I assume this is because K2 helps the body put calcium where it belongs: in the bones instead of your arteries.


Good buy

Reviewer3049143发表于 Mar 23, 2010

This vitamin K is the one I choose because what I have read about vitamin K; it is made with non-GMO soy beans and fermented with Natto. And it is the best buy of this type of K that I have found.


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