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Jarrow Formula, N-A-G 750 mg

Reviewer3190829发表于 Sep 25, 2008

Within one week this formula helped symtems of IBS I've suffered with for years. I read where it may help those with Chrones Disease so I thought I would give it a try, Very happy I did. Thank you! Kathy


Best formula

Reviewer1274230发表于 Mar 01, 2008

I tried glucosamine sulfate with no effect but NAG was able to cut my neck and intestine problems by 60%.


pain gone

Reviewer2641608发表于 Jan 14, 2008

Since using N-A-G from Jarrow Formulas that nagging joint and coccyx pain I had been experiencing for years has virtually vanished


Good prebiotic

NBPT100发表于 Apr 17, 2013

NAG is a pre-biotic amoung other things. It is food for your gut flora to thrive on. For your gut flora to be healthy and repopulate, it needs food. This is how it helps your intestinal health. Take his on an empty stomach with your probiotic with plenty of water. I have found this product to work well for digestive health. FOS is another prebiotic that you can take to help with your gut flora. You can also eat Bananas, Leeks and Onions as they are all prebiotics. I have found it has helped with my digestive track function. This is also a precursor to Hylelonic(sp?) acid which is what helps to lubricates your joints. Many with arthritis take this. I don't have that condition so I cannot give a personal endoursement for that use, but I have read good things about it. If you found this review helpful, kindly visit my iHerb home page by clicking on my handle name above. There you can read my other value added reviews. Peace and good health.


Good price and works.

Reviewer1663116发表于 Nov 18, 2009

I use NAG to boost my mood as well as my joint healthy. I have a compromised digestive system and my digestive lining apparently does not make much acetyl. NAG supplies the acetyl and boost my mood better than any form of choline I have tried.


Saving grace!

Reviewer2987590发表于 Nov 10, 2009

I read about NAG in the Lancet and found this product. This is the acetyl form of glucosamine that isn't the same as the regular glucosamine that everyone buys for joint pain. It has been proven to help the intestinal tract but also effective for joints and now a new study in mice found it helpful for MS. I was having a long bout (exacerbation) of M.S. I have been feeling absolutely wonderful since taking this product. I haven't felt better in yrs.!


Good for Leaky Gut Support, hair and nails better too

Reviewer2920919发表于 Aug 10, 2008

My MD recommended this for my leaky gut protocol, my hair and nails improved too, nice side effect!


Help for Intestines

Reviewer2787303发表于 Jan 18, 2010

This product seems to help my irritable bowels and I believe it's helping my dry eyes.


Good product, fast service

Reviewer3002541发表于 Feb 15, 2010

Have been using the product for a few years and as a result my back aches have nearly disappeared. The product also appears to be gentle on my stomach.


Best ever for my arthritis Pain

Reviewer1517067发表于 Jan 12, 2011

This glucosamine product assist my system in two ways. I have experienced irritable bowel system in the pass and it keeps it in check. Also without taking this form of glucosamine, my back and muscle pain would be much worst. As long as I am taking it I can keep any discomfort to a minimum. Thanks iherb for continue to have this product for my benefit.


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