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  • 明胶胶囊来源于猪。

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    Reduced EPA and DHA

    Reviewer1756931发表于 Jun 26, 2010

    Just a heads up. The new Jarrow Formulas fish oil now has 600mg of combined EPA + DHA compared to the older version of 630mg combined. Price remains the same as far as I can tell. Bottle labelling is slightly different.



    ForGoodHealth发表于 Jul 25, 2011

    They use strawberry flavor to hide the fishy burps. I'm actually ok with the fishy burp. Main strong point for this product is it meets California Prop 65. Used to buy from NOW till I found out they did not meet that standard.


    JarrowEPA-DHA Omega-3

    Reviewer2447217发表于 Oct 24, 2007

    I have taken this product for several years, and have no complaints except, as with most fish oils, even when taken with meals, there is a period of "fishy" burps. I know that this is not due to the omega-3 oils, but rather due to the amines found in fish oils. So, I give this product a very good rating. My only real concern relates to the source; if imported, what care is taken to make certain that this product (and other products) is safe with no contaminants.


    great supplement

    Reviewer2823101发表于 Nov 21, 2009

    I have been taking this daily. I do get some fishy burps when I take it, but this doesn't last too long. I'm using to combat killer menstrual cramps..and so far so good. This is my first fish oil supplement so I really have no comparison to other brands.


    Has its ups and downs, mostly up!

    Reviewer2928686发表于 Sep 15, 2010

    The fish oils aren't entirely odorless, and you still get fishy burps due to lack of enteric coating. However, they smell a lot better than some of the other brands' fish oil products out there. All things considered, it's a good product. No-nonsense labelling and lots of product information (compared to brands like NOW), and fish oil sourced from small fish, and value for money, all make this product the best choice, in my opinion


    Bit large softgel

    Reviewer1361819发表于 Oct 16, 2010

    Nice price but a bit too large softels



    Reviewer2893773发表于 Nov 25, 2011

    it gave me fish burps ! but other then that i feel a general boost in my health. my heart no longer feels so tight like it has been for the past months.. and i'm only 22!!! it's good to start taking supplements as early in ur life.


    I like it.

    5238752515546516415发表于 Jun 29, 2012

    It's good for my heart and brain.After taking EPA-DHA for over a month, I've noticed that my memory is better.


    good product

    Reviewer1243811发表于 Sep 29, 2013

    useing 2 a day no complanes


    Good product

    5044357778897231143发表于 Nov 29, 2013

    This product is otherwise awesome, but for some reason I'm getting these icky burps after taking it. Not much of a problem usually, since I take it right before going to bed.


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