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    Reviewer1200648发表于 Aug 08, 2010

    it tastes & smells like oil that went through an old dirty machine... I wouldnt go for this, go for extra virgin, organic, cold pressed coconut oil, its totally worth the little extra money :)


    Horrible, at least from iherb

    Reviewer3057014发表于 Jun 21, 2010

    I decided to order this coconut oil since it appeared to be the frugal pick as well as a favorite on here. When it arrived to my house, I opened it, ready to use it for a moisturizer when I caught the stench of burning plastic, all through the coconut oil! When I informed iherb about this, they just said all I can do is send it back but it's not worth it since I only paid $4.50! Never again.


    Smells awful!

    Reviewer1995186发表于 Jul 03, 2010

    Bought this as a moisturiser because it was cheaper than the extra virgin, and what a disappointment! Not sure if I got a bad batch but I bought 3 jars of the stuff and it smells and tastes like burnt plastic. It's not the jar but the oil itself. As I live in the UK it would cost too much to send them back. I begrudge even giving it one star.


    Burnt smell

    Reviewer2457535发表于 Aug 10, 2010

    Strong smell/taste of smoke. Completely worthless for cooking. Pay the extra for the extra-virgin type that actually tastes good.


    this smelt wrong

    bbchris发表于 Oct 29, 2011

    it tasted off too, will never buy again :(


    Mold....so disappointed in this product

    Reviewer2372857发表于 Sep 05, 2012

    I've been using coconut oil in all my cooking for some time. I normally buy it at the local health store but I recently moved abroad so now rely on iherb for these things. Shipping was very fast I must say, but this product was a huge disappointment. When I opened the seal I could see hundreds of small white/yellow spores at the bottom of the tub. These are not bit of coconut, they were spherical shaped and did not liquify like the rest of the oil. I will have to throw the whole tub out as I do not want to ingest toxins and mold. I will be ordering Nutiva coconut oil from now on.



    Reviewer3281955发表于 Jan 21, 2013

    Just didn't like the taste of this. Didn't stink of smoke, as others have complained. But it just tasted bland, I guess. Stale too, I think. Bland/stale-tasting fat, yuck! So rather than throw it, out I've used it as a moisturiser. But for eating I like Nutiva, Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (NUT-20005). It has a lovely light fresh coconut fragrance that's perfect for cooking and making smoothies.


    bad oil

    iren21vek发表于 Mar 09, 2011

    I don't like this oil, it is very badly absorbed, from its smell me stirs up, it seems to me in it there is no advantage. I will not buy it any more


    oder & taste

    Reviewer2090325发表于 Nov 12, 2008

    this is the first time in a year of using Coconut Oil, that I've had the experience of a very strong oder and taste of coconut. too strong for my sensitive taste buds.


    Use in hair...smells terrible!

    Reviewer1304877发表于 Jun 15, 2010

    I normally buy Jarrow Extra Virgin Coconut oil, to moisturize my hair with, but since this product was cheaper I decided to try it. It smelled TERRIBLE!! Like an ash tray! I don't know if the smell is due to it being pressed or what but I didn't even attempt to use it! Now I have 16 oz of liquid cigarette fragrance!


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