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side effects

Reviewer2358927发表于 7月 31, 2008

I am sure this is itself a fine product, but I have tried it twice, the second time with a very small dose (a quarter of a tablet), and while it initially increased my energy, over the next few days I developed a horrible, sharp ringing in my ears and unbearable headaches. I have no discontinued it for good.


A healthy Male

Reviewer1018095发表于 3月 09, 2011

Pursued the production of GSH the bodies natural anioxidant that will detox the cells from the inside. Using SAM-e and NAC together. Seems to be giving me heaps of sustained energy and gradually detoxing. Mind you I'd have years and years of toxic abuse to remove and the on going contamination to deal with. 20 tablets seem to not last long, so order two packets.


Excellent product

Reviewer2293806发表于 2月 12, 2009

I use this for my dog. She has an undetermined liver disease and it really helps.


Works well may try a higher does

Reviewer2127601发表于 3月 30, 2009

Seems to work quite well. I do feel a lift on this. Almost a warm contented feel. I have been taking St John's Wort for manny years - and I think this works better. Though it is different somehow in its effect. I take it first thing in the morning and it seems to wear off a bit by late afternoon. I may try increasing the amounnt. I worred I might have trouble sleeping, but so far no problem. I do still take St John's Wort before bed to help with sleep and it does not seem to cause any adverse reaction. Just wish it was not so expensive.


Really Works!

Reviewer2328784发表于 4月 01, 2010

I started taking the 200mg of Sam-e and after a few weeks I bought the 400mg. What a difference in my knees! I'm able to get up off the floor without my knees hurting. I also feel a bit more "even" - not so prone to feeling sad and depressed.


Sam-e Works for so many things!

Reviewer2849306发表于 8月 02, 2010

Sam-e WORKS! I am super sensitive to supps/meds/drugs etc, so I can only take a very small dose. However it makes so many things work better in my body (CFS/FM/MCS etc). Helps prevent crashes, make the bod work 'more smoothly', reduce muscle pain and definitely helps neurotransmitter (brain) function! Try it if you haven't before.


Works very well in the morning.

Reviewer2004495发表于 11月 30, 2008

I take it in the morning on an empty stomach and it helps get rid of that morning fog. Makes me feel better throughout the day as well. It's just expensive as hell.


Good Value & it works

Reviewer3196081发表于 11月 28, 2007

Sam-E has been a very safe and effective suppliment I have been taking for approx. 3 years with wonderful results. It does what it says - it works for me.


highest quality

Reviewer1879411发表于 8月 05, 2009

seems to really work; just use it when having a mood; i am sensitive enough that it works day one for me


very good

Reviewer3308983发表于 1月 29, 2010

ConsumerLab said that research has shown Sam-E to be good for joints, which is why I purchased it (I have a messed up knee). I do think that I have experienced a reduction in pain. And it seems to have a positive impact on my mood as well. I will reorder this.


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