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BOO!!! Contains Propylene Glycol & Silica!!!

Reviewer2511029发表于 3月 31, 2010

You will notice many of the 'natural' or 'organic' products which have no aluminum chlorohydrate, aluminum zirconium tetrachlorohydrex gly or any aluminum compounds still contain any number of the following chemicals which are BAD FOR YOU. Propylene glycol, Silica, Parabens (methyl, ethyl, propyl, benzyl and butyl), Triclosan, Talc, Steareth-n. Instead choose deodorants with ingredients like vegetable glycerin, natural preservatives like bioflavanoids and lichen, herbs or herbal extracts, de-ionized water or distilled water, green tea, aloe vera, baking soda and essential oils. A word of caution: Plant extracts listed on labels can already contain parabens and propylene glycol. These do not have to be listed on the label. Very few herbs supplied to manufacturers are free of parabens or other synthetic preservatives unless they are extracted in vegetable glycerine. To make sure that the products you buy are healthy and free of these harmful chemicals, call the deodorant manufacturer and ask them for detailed information. Dr. Christine H. Farlow http://ezinearticles.com/?Deodorant---Top-7-Ingredients-To-Avoid&id=146987


Not at all impressed

newday发表于 6月 11, 2010

I used Mitchems for years because I really have to work hard to control odor. I switched to Alvera Aloe Unscented All Natural Roll On Deodorant put out by Texas Best to get away from the aluminum but the reviews for this product were so good I thought I'd give it a try. Didn't control odor for me.


Stick deodorant that's sticky

5137502947619566302发表于 8月 26, 2012

I read reviews of this so I was looking forward to getting it. When I tried it I was disappointed that it felt so wet & sticky. It made me feel sweaty because of it. I don't like it. I was hoping to love it like the other reviewers but I was super disappointed.



Reviewer1856021发表于 4月 06, 2011

it was produced 3 years ago...! so so so disappointing.


very bad, doesn't work

Reviewer3289204发表于 4月 06, 2012

very bad, doesn't work


I do not recommend

Reviewer1363228发表于 10月 09, 2012

Awful deodorant. Doesn't do the work.


Be careful!

4636022860649809605发表于 1月 28, 2014

Look I love tea tree oil. I put a few drops in every laundry load for its cleaning properties and the smell. But boy oh boy was this the worst product I have ever ordered off of iherb. Something about the scent of this not only did not deodorize, but HEIGHTENED the smell of my underarms. It was so bad, I would run the to bathroom to wipe it OFF rather than have it on. I used it for a month and gave up. Now it sits in my closet. There is nothing purifying about this at all.


Strange smell

Reviewer2886085发表于 4月 12, 2014

I didn't like the smell of this product, it was like poison. The lavender is much better choice.


Jason Natural, Deodorant Stick, Purifying Tea Tree, 2.5 oz (71 g)

Reviewer2485668发表于 10月 24, 2012

Jason Natural, Deodorant Stick, Purifying Tea Tree, 2.5 oz (71 g)


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