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Skin rejuvenator

Reviewer1026535发表于 Aug 19, 2008

My surgeon suggested the use of vitamin E oil on my incision to help prevent scarring. It worked. I even use it as a lip moisturizer at night.



Reviewer2071662发表于 Mar 09, 2011

I bought this product mainly for my burn scar on my chest. It has been 2 weeks and my scar has faded tremendously, although you can still see it because it is a pretty large area. I also use it on my face, at first I tried little dots on my acne scars as I am afraid that it would clog the pores, however, I got carried away and ended up spreading it to the whole face. I slept with it on, and my skin was glowing when I woke up (perhaps just because of the oil sheen). However, even when I washed it off, it was still glowing, and my scars have faded as well, and did not give me any pimples due to clogged pores. If asked I would buy it again, my answer is YES :D


Too oily

Onlygoforthebest发表于 Sep 07, 2013

This product is too oily for Asian skin, especially those living in humid places. It may be suitable in countries with cold weather. Having looked at the rave review, I bought this for myself (I am 40), but it is too oily for me and even my mum. You can also take a look at my web page which is https://www.iherb.com/mypage/Onlygoforthebest I only tell you the truth rather than give casual compliments. Good luck guys!


thick, but nice

Reviewer1536695发表于 May 10, 2009

Thicker than the 5,000 IU version, I find this very useful for my daughter's chicken pox scars. It is easier to apply on the scars than 5,000 IU because of its viscosity and I do believe it is helping the healing process. I also use this under my eyes. I do like using thicker oils like castor oil and lanolin on my skin for nightimes. It stays on longer!


High Quality

Reviewer2538485发表于 Jul 27, 2009

This is a very rich product and will remove the most stubborn of wrinkles. I use neat or mixed with my other skin creams.


Liking this.

Reviewer1042750发表于 Dec 15, 2011

I'd bought a higher strength Vit E but it was too thick to apply without tugging the skin. This is much easier to apply and helps my dry itching hands.


Jason Natural Vitamin E

Reviewer2955198发表于 Jun 04, 2009

this product has a thick texture but makes your face very moisturized. i just put 1-2 drops on my fingers and rub them until they get loosen up on my fingers. then i put it on my face at night and sometimes the day. my face is a lot softer and my acne scars seem to fade a little bit (just been using it for abut 2 weeks). great product and i recommend this to everyone!


Smooth and soft skin!!!

Reviewer2014924发表于 Mar 14, 2010

My wife started using the first day it arrived and the next morning, she let me touch her face an it was unbelievable soft. She says that she will never part with this product. She is beginning to look younger more and more each day.


Отличное питательное масло / excellent nutritional oil

Kin-za发表于 May 29, 2013

Это смесь базовых масел с большим содержанием витамина Е. Масло густое, но текучее. Наносить лучше на чуть влажную кожу. Несмотря на густоту, масло достаточно быстро впитывается. Оно практически не пахнет. Очень экономичное. Я применяю под глаза на ночь. Для губ тоже использую.Смягчает и питает лучше чем что-либо. Добавляю в глиняные маски для лица. Больше отзывов на моей странице. Велкам! :) // It is a blend of base oils with a high content of vitamin E oil is thick, but fluid. Apply a little better on damp skin. Despite the thickness, oil quickly absorbed. It almost does not smell. Very economical. I am applying under the eyes at night. Lip also ispolzuyu.Smyagchaet and eat better than anything. Add in clay masks. Visit my page for more reviews...


The best!

Reviewer1603051发表于 Mar 22, 2011

Finaly I have found something that helps my skin. I have almways had verry dry skin in my face - but not now. I mix it with my face cream. Its the best best cosmetic product that I have ever come acrosse!


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