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NBPT100发表于 Jun 27, 2013

I found the taste stong. A bit pungent and a bit bitter at the same time. I liked it. The Ginger should aid in digestion. The container is attractive and takes up little space on your shelf. If you found this review helpful, kindly visit my iherb homepage and read more value added reviews.


Delicious and Nutritious

Reviewer2836765发表于 Mar 13, 2015

Studies have shown that hibiscus tea has even more anti-oxidants than green tea. The fact that this is organic is a plus. This tea is very flavorful, aromatic. It's all in the brewing. I use a scant teaspoon of the leaves in a large open stainless steel strainer basket that fits into a 2-cup mug, with the top resting on the rim of the mug. The open basket allows the dried petals to expand and release their goodness. Delicious and nutritious.


Mom's favorite tea

Reviewer3092624发表于 Jun 07, 2013

I buy this for my mom, and she says it's the best hibiscus tea ever.


Very nice tea

Reviewer2842299发表于 Jun 13, 2013

I love the taste and color of this tea. I would recommend this for those who like a sweet and tart tea.



Reviewer2104918发表于 Oct 02, 2013

wonderfully gentle flavor


Beautifully Bright and Tangy!

5689138597891977291发表于 Oct 10, 2013

My order of this tea just arrive and I am presently enjoying this tasty tangy delight! First of all, the quality is wonderful. The moment you open the nicely sealed container, you get this robust smell of Hibiscus & Ginger. I used my Just a Leaf tea cup, that I got for only $2.95 (Love this too...use it daily!)and the moment the warm water touch the tea this beautiful bright red color appeared...so inviting to the eye. The tea reminds me a little of cranberry juice because of the tartness and color but you can, without a doubt, taste the two main ingredience. Give it a try...so worth it! :-)



5240776134100659549发表于 Oct 20, 2013

Love this tea. The ginger taste could be stronger though. But I would definitely repurchase.


Love this product is Caffeine Free, and it is Red plants!!!

4895090348057268321发表于 Nov 20, 2013

I read all of reviews before I purchased this product. A lot of people were complaining about the tea is way too strong, so what I do was to put not too much amount of tea leaves in the pot, and I like to add some sugar subsitutes to it, and it tastes delicious. I love red color plants because it is very good for your body. I love about this product is also a Caffeine Free. I prefer natural fact in my body. I don't need any extra Caffeine in my body. This is the theory of being healthy if you eat right, don't stay up late, get at least 7 hours sleeping, then you don't need any caffeine!!!


Wow Great flavor!

Reviewer2773771发表于 Nov 29, 2013

Full-bodied, full flavored, love it. I added honey the to the first couple of cups, but found that it doesn't need it because of the great flavor of this blend. Will definitely be buying more!


Intriguing, but definitely an acquired taste.

jayzou发表于 Feb 04, 2013

At first sip I thought I made a bad decision in trying something new with this flavor. But gradually it became a favorite of mine. It has a tangy, sour taste that initially may be off-putting, but give it a chance and I think it can grow on you as well. It's good for you and caffeine-free :)


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