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Thank heavens!

Reviewer1131826发表于 1月 17, 2007

My doctor told me my sinuses would be draining within 5 minutes of taking this. I was speptical. She was right!!! Keep lots of tissues with you and get ready for relief like you've never experienced before.


I swear this stuff works

Reviewer2406740发表于 3月 13, 2008

Plagued by persistent allergy/sinus headaches in the afternoons, I tried this a few years ago and it is like a miracle. I keep waiting for the "placebo effect" to wear off, but years later it is still working well for me for congestion, sinus pain. For colds & flu, it MAY decrease your odds of catching if you take during the season but hard to say. I've caught less colds I was exposed to and have had less severe ones, but that also happens as you get older so might not be the preventive Kold Kare dosing. Elderberry (tablets, liquid - brand name Sambucol is good) also works really well when you're having more runny nose/throat issues more than congestion/sinus. For me at least.


Great product

Reviewer2041425发表于 3月 23, 2007

This product has made quite a difference for me in my overall health and sinus issues.


Kold Kare Works

Reviewer2177364发表于 1月 19, 2009

I have suffered with a sinus condition for many years. The doctors keep prescribing medicine that did't work very well. One day I saw an add featuring Karen Herbs which was known by another name wich I beleive was Kan Jana. Once I started using this product my sinus seemed to go byby. I only have a sinus problem in the winter so I start taking Kold Kare in Oct., 2 a day for 3 weeks , then 2 every other day until the end of winter or the cold weather ends. This routine I've been doing now for 3 years without any sinus problems at all. This product is godsend.


Chris C

Reviewer3267055发表于 1月 29, 2009

I have been using this product for about 4 years and haven't had a full blown cold in that time. I might get the start of one but it nips it in the bud right away. I works great for sinus problems too. I highly recommend this product although it does not work for everyone since everyone's system is different. Try it.


best cold remedy I know

Reviewer2552162发表于 12月 14, 2009

Whenever I start to feel sick, I immediately take two of these and the sick feeling is 90% gone after just one or two minutes! I don't know anything that is quite so effective, and so quickly, too! I chew the tablets well before swallowing. It tastes bitter, but I figure the saliva starts to break it down and make it more effective, although I'm not sure. I heard this is a very popular cold remedy in Europe. Like any cold remedy, it's much more effective if taken immediately, at the very first feeling of getting sick.


Kold Kare Review

Reviewer1138090发表于 3月 16, 2009

I've taken this product for years and it is excellent. I ran out and didn't take any for about a month and I could tell the difference. It really helps with allergy symptoms. It is as good as any antihistamine.


shortened the duration of cough

Reviewer2561654发表于 3月 18, 2009

I feel that this product shortened the duration of my cold and cough. In the past, my cough could last for weeks. I was better in five days after taking Kare n Herbs.


Great Product

Reviewer1427347发表于 7月 07, 2009

If this is taken at the first sign of a cold it will stop it from progressing. We have used it more than once with the same results.


Great Stuff

Reviewer1639318发表于 7月 07, 2009

I was referred to Kare n Herbs Kold Kare by a resource at Whole Foods. I was beginning a cold or an allergy and wanted something to help. She recommended Kold Kare and I tried it. It has been a great help in catching both a cold and an allergy in the early stages and making short work of them. I am much more comfortable with many fewer uncomfortable symptoms as a result of taking Kold Kare. Thanks very much. It's a great product.


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