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Did not agree with me

Reviewer1789098发表于 5月 26, 2013

I consume 4 or 5 tablespoons of coconut butter a day and have been using Artisana and Nutiva brands with no gastrointenstinal upset. I tried this brand because of price but ended up with terrible cramps and GI distress all week. Given that nothing else in my diet has changed and I do not feel sick otherwise (as if I had a virus), I can only attribute it to the change in coconut butter and am guessing there is something about the way this particular brand is processed that does not agree with my system. Other than that, taste and price are good. But I am going back to the other two brands.


Worst coconut butter ever! Inferior quality, taste, value, flavorless. Remove from offerings, it's so bad.

Reviewer3100706发表于 5月 28, 2014

I have not been moved to offer a review until this product was received. I eat coconut butter daily. This product is extremely inferior. It is a misnomer to call it coconut butter. It is opaque coconut oil.It appears like a great buy but don't be deceived. The product has no texture. You might as well be eating coconut oil. It tastes like it's about 1/8th coconut pulp and the rest is coconut oil, which I eat also so I know the difference. The Kavala Product arrived on a warm day and it was pretty much liquid...that's how cheaply made it is. The good stuff will be viscous, not liquid. Excellent sourcs of coconut butter are: Nutiva Manna and Artisana coconut butter. These two provide superior quality, value and taste. Don't waste your money on Kevala. It's so aweful, I recommend iherb removing it from its offerings until the company improve it's quality. If it contains 25% coconut pulp, I would be surprised. Tastes more like 10%. 2nd jar will be returned shortly. E.


First time, not disappointed

4758008711358699533发表于 11月 25, 2013

It's the first time that I order this product. I have tried two other brands before, and this one is the best taste-price ratio. I will definitely order it again.



5763822037290238413发表于 11月 06, 2013

Really like the flavour and texture of this coconut butter, it's similar to Artisana but without the hefty price tag. 5 stars!


Pretty good!

ShelleyP发表于 9月 04, 2012

A decent coconut butter - flavor maybe not quite as smooth as Nutiva or Artisan similar product, but good nevertheless. Price is a bit better than the other two brands.



5400628632750295239发表于 9月 19, 2012

I love coconut butter, it's divine! I usually buy the Artisana brand, but saw the Kevala was cheaper and decided to give it a go. Great taste, much the same as the artisana one. When it arrived however the oil and the flesh were sort of separated and had to be heated to mix them back together again. I don't have this problem with the other brand. Minor issue though, will definitely buy again.


Pay for what you get

VitalityVee发表于 6月 01, 2014

Echoing many comments, Kevala's coconut butter tastes inferior to Artisana (the only other brand I've tried). Not as smooth and the flavour is less refined. Needs quite a bit of stirring. The good side is that it is cheaper. On a separate note, Kevala's BLACK TAHINI is AMAZING!!!



4709172654022837748发表于 3月 10, 2014

AMAZING. Get this if you have not tried coconut butter, its so yummy and addictive!



5273389570358448551发表于 12月 16, 2013

I didn't realize that coconut butter seperates, but just putting jar in warm water for a short time is was very easy to blend together. Lovely product. Will order again very soon.



4670648094513900441发表于 10月 27, 2013

yummmm delicious!!! taste sooo much like coconut, very fresh!


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