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Different Product than Pictured

5196034604304817354发表于 Mar 07, 2014

I ordered this because I was looking for a conditioner with low amounts of alcohol, and cetearyl alcohol is about halfway down the ingredients list on this one. However, I received a product of the same name, but in different packaging, and with DIFFERENT INGREDIENTS. It's not the same product! In the product that I received, cetearyl alcohol is the third ingredient, so it kind of defeats the original purpose of being low-alcohol. Rather displeased.


Very good!

Reviewer3301599发表于 Feb 04, 2010

This is a nice creamy conditioner which is not very thick but very moisturizing for my thin/fine flyaway virgin hair. Smells great, rinse out easily and make hair super soft.This is the only conditioner that I can use as a leave in also, no matter how much I apply on wet hair it just sink in, never felt sticky hair like other leave in. I love everything about this conditioner, just wish they don't change the formula.


Almost as good as their original formula

4875213169444076957发表于 Nov 06, 2013

The conditioner smells good and works really well. Again, like the new shampoo formula, I don't particularly nor personally need the argan oil. I don't color, blow-dry, perm, or flatten my hair. It is already shiny and healthy. However, my sister has super dry hair and she likes this conditioner a lot. This and the shampoo are still some of the best on the market, especially for the price. The products smell really good too. Not all perfumey like a lot of the other ones.


My favorite conditioner!

5530492420968037785发表于 Jul 08, 2014

I only wash/condition my hair twice a week, and this conditioner is so lovely. I use it along with the Whenever shampoo. It smells like lime jello, but without the artificial smell. I usually only rinse the conditioner out halfway (I have thick wavy hair) leaving some in to help with detangling while it's wet. It leaves my hair feeling soft, manageable, and shiny. I just LOVE it! Will definitely repurchase.


My daughter loves this!!!

Reviewer1221056发表于 Aug 13, 2012

My daughter and I have been looking for a good conditioner that won't make her hair oily. We tried other organic/natural brands and this is the one that she decided to stick with. She has been using it for a couple of years. She is 14 and has oily/combination hair and it has kept her hair clean, not oily and not dry. We re-order all the time and she also uses the Whenever Shampoo (love this one too!1)


Elena from Russia

Reviewer3002861发表于 Sep 19, 2012

I love it


Nice Fragrance

Reviewer2102842发表于 Oct 03, 2012

Not to strong or too light. Leaves hair feeling clean.



4791808628377260010发表于 Feb 27, 2013

Finally i found fo my child's long hair a perfect product. Hair are very soft and well groomed. Will by it again and use it with same shampoo.


Good conditioner!

5464502530596832876发表于 May 03, 2013

Makes my hair feel smooth and soft. Lovely smell. Will purchase again.


Healthy and leaves a nice aroma.

Reviewer1609649发表于 Sep 23, 2016

I'm on my third bottle now. It's the only one I've used that works.


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