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a little early to write... but ok, why not.

Reviewer2166699发表于 Oct 06, 2008

So far, AMAZING. Granted, I'm taking about 1200 mg, and I'm unsure how long I'll continue at these levels, but mental clarity and overall sense of health and energy has increased dramatically, but without any let down or spike. I take in conjunction with acetyl-l-carnitine bought on this site, too, and I recommend it to all. It's difficult to find a recommended dose for either, but I recently read a 2003 study that suggest 600 mg for r-lipoic acid as an optimal maximum. If you exceed this, be sure to include a B1 supplementation.


lowers blood sugar!

Reviewer1996189发表于 Dec 14, 2009

love this product, lowers blood sugar wonderfully, i can tolerate the 300mg easily, however, i read online you might only be able to take 50mg or 100mg a day cause it might give you insomnia, so i suggest starting out at a lower dosage to be on the safe side, then increase gradually to see how your body handles it.


has become a must for me

Reviewer1169052发表于 Sep 02, 2009

i initially began taking this as i'd read it helps with scar tissue. however, due to its blood sugar benefits, i've stopped breaking out completely. i'd had sugar, dairy, soy, and peanut-induced acne for nearly ten years and while cutting out the culprits was helpful, it did not eradicate the breakouts. this has- and i can have sugar again and still have completely clear skin. it may seem like nothing but it's been a huge change for me and i'm so grateful to have found it. also like this brand for offering the larger dosage per pill.



Reviewer2680114发表于 Jul 08, 2010

I am a strong believer in R-Lipoic Acid. I take 600mg per day as a therapeutic dose to support my grain free healthy diet and exercise regime to be able to manage my type 2 diabetes without drugs or insulin. Best value I have found for this dosage and 4 day delivery to Australia can't be beaten.


Superior Antioxident Protection

Reviewer2754236发表于 Oct 19, 2009

Life Extension is known for their research and providing efficacious products. Super R-Lipoic is the 'next-generation' antioxidant. It is more bio-available and works faster than regular R-Lipoic Acid. The fact that it supports healthy mitochrondia function appeals to me. To maintain healthy cell function I use this product daily as part of my anti-aging regemin.


Lipoic Wins

Reviewer1276252发表于 Feb 26, 2010

Giving this supplement to a diabetic, in combination with others and corrective diet.Blood sugar values are down and person is off injectable insulin.


Bill from Australia

Reviewer2229742发表于 Mar 22, 2011

My doctor recommended to me some time ago for peripheral neurothopy. Have had very good results since and would recommend to anyone with a similiar problem. I find the life extension super -R-Lipoic the best and will stick to it. I take one morning and night with meals.Highly recommend as I do have a degenerative disease and it works.



Reviewer1838007发表于 May 13, 2011

Mega Benfotiamine and Super RLA have brought my BP to normal. I have stopped all allopathic medications which I was taking for the last 5 years!



Reviewer3279162发表于 Oct 16, 2010

I have more energy when I take these. usually three capsules a day. I quit for a week and felt crappy. Started these again and got my mojo back. Fewer tired times. I'd like to see other peoples' comments on this , especially diabetics. So please share by posting a comment if you have tried it! I've been on six to nine hundred mg a day now for several months.


Great, but pricey

Reviewer2947980发表于 Sep 28, 2009

I'm using this for my skin and it has given results- firmness and clarity has improved. However I had the same results with regular ALA which is much cheaper.


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