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************* Great product -- PLEASE CONSULT YOU DOCTOR

Sickness-ELIMINATOR发表于 Aug 11, 2013

I have been using this product for a year after switching from GNC's niacin (B3). GNC's product was good, but very expensive. I no longer experience the 'Niacin Flush' that people are complaining about. Before taking any megadose supplement/vitamin, you should CONSULT YOUR DOCTOR. Taking large doses of vitamin B3 (niacin) requires you to have good liver function. If your liver function is poor, you could permanently damage it. My doctor specifically told me to STAY AWAY FROM THE ''NO-FLUSH'' NIACINAMIDE. I hope this review helps some people to realize that taking megadoses of niacin should be taken with an informed consent, and the green light from your doctor. . . . . You can find other products I use on my Page! I use only products that have Scientifically Proven benefits.


Excellent product

Reviewer2316335发表于 Mar 19, 2010

I take niacin at 500mg/day for the last two months. It has helped me to increase HDL, nad lower LDL and triglycerides. Also, niacin is the only supplement that has proved to decrease the thicknes of atheromatic plaque. My 14 yo son takes the same amount to help his acme. After one month, results are really impressive. We both flash, but it is not that bad. As a matter of fact, we enjoy it.


The real thing

Reviewer1588698发表于 Sep 25, 2009

I now this is the real thing by the intense flush I receive, which is what its suppose to do, in helping lower my ldl and rase my hdl.


Life Extension Niacin 500mg

Reviewer2436442发表于 May 23, 2011

Very good for lowering cholesterol levels.


like the flush

Reviewer2959854发表于 Oct 24, 2011

I'd prefer a lower dose - say 100mg. I divided the 500mg capsules into 5 portions. Still get the flush.


True stuff

Reviewer1680016发表于 Dec 25, 2009

Must be the real deal, as the flush is very strong.


Ronald Osborne´s Life Extension Vitamin B3 Niacin 500 mg Review

RonaldOsborne发表于 Oct 27, 2012

Great alternative to the brand I usually use I ran out of niacin and my skin was beginning to suffer with Eczema again. Life Extension Vitamin B3 is every bit as good as my usual brand. When buying niacin. This product is strictly B3 and it will make you flush, but that is a normal side effect and if you take in in small doses and build up to the correct dosage the side effects do eventually go away. I recommend this product to anyone who needs to take a Niacin supplement, is definately the best I have used.


Not bad

crisinKR发表于 Jun 30, 2015

I was expecting a flush but the first time I took it I thought I was gonna have a heart attack (and I'm 27!) It was one of the most painful experiences I've ever had with medicines. But I kept at it and now i still get a bit itchy and very red but my body is handling it a lot better. It seems to help my skin too.


Too much for my system

Reviewer1682534发表于 Jul 30, 2012

I took this to help reduce my high cholesterol but the hot flashes were too intense and it turned my face red in public. It also raised my blood sugar. Had to give it up.


bad idea

4959710847224070724发表于 Mar 18, 2014

I took 1 pill of niacin and the worst hot flashes ever. I went straight to the ER, lips purple heart palpitations I don't reccomend this unless you have taken it before.


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