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Love it!

5468148079199386610发表于 Nov 05, 2012

This is a huge bottle and it's been like 1 to 2 months and it's barely moving and I use this everyday for my face. After a week of using this with Jojoba oil in the morning and this at night, I can see the changes in my face. My face looks more glow-y and brighter. I just loveee how it makes me feel. If anybody has not tried this, please do. It beats putting other gunks on your face.


Love it!

4815403210620227436发表于 Apr 25, 2014

I love this product, I have very dry skin but I am also prone to break-outs, I use this product on my face & skin daily. Only need a little at a time thou, it goes a long ways.



naturalorganic发表于 Oct 28, 2013

I use this to remove my makeup in the evening. It removes is so well! It's incredible! The eye makeup just goes away instantly and the face makeup too. I love it! It has a slight smell to it. But not a bad one. This will last forever too so it's an amazing product! Love it!


organic grapeseed oil

Reviewer2072337发表于 Aug 10, 2013

Saw chef Robert Irvine cooking with grapeseed oil for chicken beef or fish....Dr. Blaylock says NOT to use canola or vegetable oil because of omega 6, and also recommends cooking with grapeseed oil. Grapeseed oil doesnt have a flavor so it lets your food do its own thing. Never cook with olive oil on a temp higher than 300, or it becomes toxic when too hot.


would give 5 stars but

4827980448278450180发表于 May 17, 2015

After hearing grapeseed oil can work as a heat protectant, I decided to purchase this product. This is a great product. I use it on my hair (justa dot of it can smooth out frizz and flyaways) and skin. It also smells pretty good. I gave it 4 stars because the item wasnt sealed with any tape or carried in any ziplock bag and some contents leaked through the box.


Pure Grapeseed oil

5150843170470905964发表于 Nov 01, 2012

First time I have tested the grapeseed oil from Oljarna Pecaric http://www.oljarna-pecaric.si Then I ordered Pure Grapeseed oil on iHerb I am not competent to assess the quality of oil but per my taste I found the Pecaric' oil far more tasty, though it was much more expensive as well. If anyone can suggest more palatable Grapeseed Oil on iHerb site I will appreciate kind advice.


Best Quality

5013461337880537895发表于 Sep 02, 2012

I get all of my oils from Life Flo because they do a great job quality wise


Fast absorbing

4887728251091133011发表于 Feb 12, 2015

This is the least greasy oil ive used on my skin. Love it


GOOD for skin

5582644220948347215发表于 May 04, 2015

i used it to nourish my skin, and it is pretty good. I live in HK, and i use it during the summer when i want sth to moisturize my skin after bath :)


grapeseed oil

Reviewer2898086发表于 May 17, 2015

I made a body scrub with sea salt and this oil for my mom- she liked it a lot, said the skin is moisturized and soft afterwards! No need for body cream.


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