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De-calcify those joints!!

Reviewer2918682发表于 10月 26, 2012

This is one of only a few supplements I take where I get instant and I mean INSTANT relief and effect. I simply cannot run at all without getting shin-splints if I dont but this mag oil on my knees and shins before running. I also noticed when I first started taking this I could literally feel my veins in my kneeds twitching a little like it was decalcifying, same effect on my kidneys when put on my lower back. I simply cannot be without this product right now. This is a must if one suffers from knee problems or shin splints when running. I cannot emphasize this enough. Also great for post-workout since magnesium relaxes the muscles and joints. Open the top and add a little to your post workout steam bath.


Great product

Reviewer2990993发表于 5月 22, 2012

I purchased this product after reading the magnesium miracle and many reviews on the health benefits of magnesium (too many to list!). I was having issues with both hair lost and excessive perspiration. It helped with both of these issues. I use it as a deodorant and apply 5-6 sprays under the arms daily after my morning showers. I also applied it to my thinning hair areas on my head until the hair shedding stopped. It does sting for awhile when you first apply it. So for those individuals with a low pain tolerance it may not be suitable. Overall I am very pleased with this product and will continue to use it in the future.



Reviewer1116896发表于 2月 19, 2014

its a well known fact magnesium oil products have heavy metal contamination's. Do not buy from any supplier just on their word. I called this company and they have no 3rd party test done on this oil. they do have in house testing however. but are unwilling to share the results with their customers. so we are to take it for face value their statements. this bottle is cheap. you might or might not be scrubbing mercury and/or lead etc. into your skin along with Magnesium with this product. there is no way of knowing, and Life Flo Health has no intentions of letting you know. Go for a brand that actually take YOU serious. or....... do what I did. call in and ask for a 3rd party report.


Magnesium Oil

Reviewer1623885发表于 10月 03, 2012

I haven't been using this brand for very long - before I had a bottle of the Ancient Minerals magnesium - and so far it seems to work as well. I spray it into my ribs before bed and it helps me relax/breathe more. It's about a third of the price of the Ancient Minerals brand too. Very pleased with it.


A must

5375455280311740014发表于 12月 26, 2012

This stuff is amazing, it reduces menstrual cramps and has helped with reducing reflux. Would never have believed that it would, but it has, highly recommend this and will be purchasing again.


Helped TMJ disorder; effective deodorant

5233426434033885396发表于 11月 11, 2013

I purchased this product because I had read that magnesium is absorbed best through the skin. My daughter has TMJ dysfunction, her clenching keeps her from sleeping well, and she has suffered for at least 3 years with this. She has worn a custom bite splint to no avail. The very first night she applied the magnesium oil to that joint, she had the first restful sleep in that many years. And the first night without a headache as well. It has continued to prove successful for her since that first night, six weeks ago. My husband has used it on acute muscle cramps and was pleasantly surprised that relief was immediate. I use it as a deodorant, by far the most effective I had ever tried. Magnesium is required by every cell in the body. I am so glad that I did my own research to figure out what could help my daughter. Hope this can help others as well.


Helps relieve restless leg and muscle spasms in legs.

Reviewer2106622发表于 7月 24, 2012

I let a neighbor who is up there in age try this. She was about to give up driving because of muscle spasms in her legs. After a few days of this her spasm eased. After a few weeks, she is back to driving.


One Of The Best Forms Of Magnesium

TrueShoppingAdvice发表于 11月 30, 2015

Easy to use and really relaxes those aching muscles! Magnesium deficiency is very common. The magnesium content in food has been declining steadily beacause of depletion of minerals in our soils. No wonder so many people suffer from fatigue, weakness, personality changes, muscle contractions and cramps, all signs of magnesium deficiency. Only 30 - 40 % of the dietary magnesium consumed is typically absorbed by the body. Tested levels of absorption of oral magnesium supplements vary from only 4 % to about 50 % absorbed. Magnesium chloride has high bioavailability due to its superior solubility in water . Trials have shown that transdermal magnesium therapy can increase magnesium levels up to five times faster than traditional tablets or capsules. This Life Flo Health magnesium oil acts fast. You can feel a nice tingling sensation. Sufficient magnesium will be absorbed in 20 - 30 minutes time. If wanted skin can be washed after that. I do not always wash away the salt left behind but then you will have to do the laudry more often. Good working kidneys will excrete any excess magnesium not needed by your body. No need to worry about getting too much magnesium. I am using my second bottle of this wonderful magnesium oil and bought also the Sports version which is even nicer to apply, I think. I can warmly recommend both Life Flo Health Magnesium Oil Sprays! You are warmly welcome to read my other product reviews too by clicking my name above. I would appreciate the push of a "Yes" button below if you thought this review was helpful to you. Thank you very much and enjoy your iHerb shopping!


Excellent magnesium oil

Reviewer2543158发表于 6月 18, 2013

This is quality magnesium oli with good price. No noticeable differences to other brands I have used. Improved sleep, faster recovery from exercise, plus all the benefits of correcting Mg deficiency (which are many, some subtle). Corrects deficiency much faster and without gastointestinal problems compared to oral supplementation. Highly recommended.


Good for leg cramps

Reviewer1234862发表于 8月 28, 2011

When I'm low on magesium this seems to help a lot with nighttime leg cramps. If you are hypothyroid or not getting enough of potassium or magnesium, this might help you out.


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