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Is it 1%?

azarova发表于 Sep 10, 2013

Retinol 1% is normally way stronger than that. I have my Skinceuticals 1% and its refining properties are miraculous. So, Life Flo. This is a yellow cream with quite strong but quite pleasant scent, though I can see some people not liking it. Cream is on the oilier side and does a good job moisturizing the skin. The jar is quite big so it will last for quite a while. Its refining properties are definitely not enough for me and I didn't notice any "revitalization" difference so next time will try something else. Please click "yes" if this information was helpful. See other product reviews on my personal page.


Hate it!

5354324088612118969发表于 Jun 02, 2014

I just got this cream, have been using it for a week, and really don't like it. Not quite sure what it's supposed to be doing because at first it seemed to do absolutely nothing, actually, made me break out immediately after first use. Since it didn't seem to irritate my skin I continued to use it (which is probably more often than they said to apply it). After something like 4 days my skin started peeling all of a sudden, broke out all over, and it's burning and peeling like I'm sunburnt. I would have used as directed, but it literally felt like it did nothing, and then boom. Bottom like - it doesn't tighten, does not improve the appearance of skin (again, made me break out), literally no improvement from this cream). I would not buy it again. Update after a few months... I started using this much less frequently - about once a week, then every 3-4 days. it works good for major wrinkles like forehead frown marks. If used too often will make skin peel and break out. Caution - retinol does increase cell turnover so it will bring all pimples and such to the surface. You do have to get used to this one, and it is NOT for daily use. Changing the rating to 3 stars, it's still not that amazing, but at least not horrible as I originally thought.


Great retinol cream but packaging not good

5419897113616860995发表于 Jan 29, 2016

This is a great cheap retinol cream and works perfectly but, retinol is broken down in light so the packaging should be in a metal tube or pump bottle instead of a tub. I find mine starts to go off in about a month, you can tell when the yellow colour of the cream changes and becomes less effective. For the price it is amazing but I haven't figured out if buying a tub a month is any more cost effective than the stuff I get from my aesthetician every three or four months. If they changed the packaging it would be the perfect product.


not for sensitive skin

5280615812874896036发表于 Dec 18, 2013

Retinol and Hyaluronic Acid are the only two ingredients actually backed up by science, known to do something for the skin, in an ocean of useless cosmetic products. This is not for sensitive skin types,however, and must be used according to instructions. Also, if there are patches of damaged skin this will peel off the protective layer.


So far so good!

Reviewer3060686发表于 Feb 17, 2012

Only been using it for 4-5 days, and no adverse reactions so far. But please, do change the packageing! In a tube, the retinol stays fresh and active- but in a jar like this, well I'll just have to use it up fast! The scent is pleasant by the way. Update: I´m getting a bit fed up with the runny consitency of this ´cream´- it is very runny and would work sooo much better in a tube. Also the orange essential oil is not an ideal ingredient in a facial cream - this I have picked up from Beautypedia. I´m switching to Derma A´s retinol options instead.


Bastante buena

MonteErebus发表于 Jul 10, 2014

No la puedo usar cada noche porque me salen pielecillas. Utilizo retinol desde hace mucho tiempo, pero esta crema es bastante fuerte y a pesar de tener la piel acostumbrada, me reseca mucho. Solo la puedo usar a noches alternas y siempre sobre una buena hidratante. Por suerte, puedo notar cambios en mi piel y mis arrugas y lineas de expresión se están atenuando bastante.


So far so...okay.

4848854447848983712发表于 Aug 07, 2015

I'm 39 have relatively few fine lines and occasional breakouts. I've only had this product for about 2 weeks now and have noticed nothing encouraging. Used nightly since I received it, I have developed no sensitivity, stinging or peeling. I must not have sensitive skin or this is not a 1% retinol cream. It goes on a little greasy but by morning is absorbed. The smell is not unpleasant and I have not had any staining on my white sheets like others have commented. It works fine as a moisturizer, although a little heavy. I use a little scoop rather than my fingers so as not to contaminate the cream. Maybe I just need more time to see results with fine lines and breakouts, but so far no miracles for me...not even just softer skin. I'll update if this changes. Nice price, an okay product.


did not fit me

4973137829941932113发表于 Apr 19, 2016

I did not see any result neither on my face nor on my arms. There was no peeling no any difference in texture or color of my skin. Maybe it did not work just on me, but it did nothing to breakouts. Any time i use it i get itching on my arms.


Retinal A cream

5457103630038645673发表于 May 20, 2016

The morning after using this cream my skin did feel and look smoother however this is a strong cream and my eyes were sore in the morning from the cream on the pillow which had got to the corners of my eyes 😢 I've given in a break but will try again soon, great price for from I herb!


Tinkling effect, skin is a little smoother

4950004897329188083发表于 Jul 15, 2014

I'm 40+ and want to use this cream to combat some wrinkles and marks, it's been now a month since I used it, I can feel the face is little smoother, lines not so obvious, but the marks are still there. Skin doesn't seem to have any much peeling. There was a little peeling on the first two weeks, then nothing .. use sparingly the first week. I think it's got average result, I guess as expected from such a price.


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