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    No colour

    5748204374453391527发表于 Feb 08, 2016

    It smells just like henna and the application and processing is the same. There was absolutely so colour change at all and didn't condition like henna used to. Maybe ok for others but not for me, such a pity, I love to use natural products.


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    Best hair treatment!!

    5542975922880931448发表于 Dec 13, 2015

    This is more then a color for the hair, it's a treatment!! I love it!! I don't have so much loss hair and on top my hair start regenerating. I use it for more then 6 months (2 times a month).


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    Thank you!

    5444587040014873789发表于 Nov 19, 2015

    I am satisfied with your product. Thank you for providing good service. I will purchase your product again in future.


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    Great product!

    MeowChloe发表于 Oct 05, 2015

    I ordered this henna dye from iHerb, I had dyed my hair with henna from Lush in the past, and I was looking for something a little less expensive than the Lush dye. To my surprise, this stuff was awesome! I have naturally dark brown hair (almost black) but I wanted to darken it to a jet black. This product did just that! I think that you will not get the true black color unless you already have dark brown hair. If you have dark brown hair and want to darken to black, this stuff is perfect! I liked how it came in a powder and you just had to add hot liquid. The Lush brand was nice, but it was really complicated to mix up because it came in solid blocks instead of powder, like this. This was easy to mix up and the directions were thorough. Instead of using hot water, I used day-old coffee and I think that helped contribute to how dark my hair turned out. Yes, the product is a little messy, but it is considerably less messy than the Lush henna, and you really don't make that big of a mess if you are careful not to. I left the product on for 3 hours, and it did not get heavy on my head start giving me a headache like the Lush henna did. Tip for rinsing it out: Before you step in the shower to rinse the henna out, fill the bath tub up with water and dunk your hair in it and swish it around for a couple minutes. This helps get the henna out of your hair better than just stepping in the shower and rinsing it off. After you're done dunking your head in the tub, get in the shower and rinse the rest out with conditioner. The only thing that I have to say negatively about this product is that it is not as conditioning as I had hoped. The Lush henna made my hair so soft and manageable afterwards, but this product made it a little more frizzy and dry. I would recommend using extra conditioner while rinsing! Overall, this is a great product and I would definitely recommend it to anybody who is interested. Definitely worth the price.


    very good !

    5154170390377322146发表于 Mar 27, 2015

    used it on my husband who is about 50% grey .I mixed it ith om dark brown henna,and it looked very dark to start with ( first week) but seems to last for at least 3 weeks,soon to a winner with this one,that is if you don't mind the darker colour for a while..


    Great Organic Black Hair Color! SAFER For Hair Too!

    BeckySue发表于 Mar 13, 2015

    Appreciate that this item is USDA Organic and contains 100% pure botanical hair color. I like that this is ammonia and peroxide free. You get a complete application kit in this complete all natural hair color and conditioning program. This black hair color contains only pure botanicals and nothing else!


    Might contain allergy containing chemicals

    5263480129510598963发表于 Jan 24, 2015

    I'm suspicious that this dye may contain allergy-causing chemicals that are not on the ingredients list. I may be wrong about this, but today I used this hair dye and am feeling the same symptoms I've had in the past from an allergic reaction to hair dye chemicals. Not quite as bad, but still pretty bad. Could be a coincidence, but I won't risk using this dye again. I have used pure henna powder and other brands of henna/indigo with absolutely no reactions at all.


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    Black light mountain hair color

    5075937461115979121发表于 Nov 03, 2014

    Great product .Have been using since 1999.


    Doesnt work

    5212368167153345365发表于 Aug 03, 2014

    I really wanted to like this product, I really did. Perhaps I received a bad batch, But after "curing" for over an hour and letting it sit on my hair for around 2 hours this product did not cover any of my white hairs. Scent is reminiscent of hay or green tea matcha powder, but thats all the positive I can say about it.


    Impressive Hair Dye.

    4889168295036869257发表于 Jul 22, 2014

    I was diagnosed with Allergic Contact Dermatitis. I tried all hair dyes in the market and ones these dyes comes in contact into my skin I'd develop rash, pinkness, itching, bumps and even blisters. My derma recommend me to use this product and it was a gift made from Heaven. I love this product and yes, I will recommend this to all who is suffering from allergic dermatitis.


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