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  • Please Click Here to see the color reference chart from Light Mountain Natural.

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    Great Product

    5193825611348660544发表于 Mar 18, 2016

    The henna arrived quickly(ordered in Australia, Melbourne). Henna was fresh, definitely chemical free( don't always believe the labels) the colour was vivid, natural and the hair felt fantastic. one of the best hennas i tried over the years. loved it.


    Nice color

    5630298241599510582发表于 Dec 26, 2015

    Got good color from this product. I will buy again....hopefully I can find a better deal for a larger amount.


    Love it

    5199823534033270271发表于 Dec 21, 2015

    I have dark hair and I hoped to get more red colour ,but I do have red tones on a sun and that is AMAZING. I love how my sculp feels fresh and free ( i have oily dandruff and afrer henna it seems that i have less of it). My hair is also stronger now. I used henna only 2 times for now and colour is always different depending on what I add to henna. First time it was red wine, beetroot juice, yoghurt and oils and my hair had purple tones. Second time I boiled onion skin and mixed henna with water from it . plus egg yolk and oils and now I have more red tones . For my third time I am planning to add a lot of lemon and orange juice and leave henna paste to stay for 12 h . I heard that way you can get more colour from henna. Very exited. Definitely will buy again! <3


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    Kahaliah发表于 Aug 07, 2015

    (Sorry for my bad English !) Good henna, great quality. The color is a little bit dark, that's why I choose Bright Red now.


    Two thumbs up

    5433270580768763235发表于 Jun 19, 2015

    I honestly doubted this would work but I am impressed with how well it covered my hair.


    The best henna

    Mayito发表于 May 18, 2015

    It's a good henna, and the color is amazing


    I love it

    Reviewer2278523发表于 Apr 30, 2015

    Always gives a nice and consistent color


    Light Mountain saved my hair!

    4992371339706175666发表于 Apr 01, 2015

    I have used Light Mountain, exclusively, since the mid 1990's. No other hair color (including chemical color) has helped me achieve an absolutely believable color! I am a natural dark ash blonde with medium textured hair and a fair amount of silvers since I've aged. I have used just about every color of Light Mountain and have loved every result! Dark colors (black especially) absolutely require a red application first so that you don't end up w/ a green tone. Light Mountain gives my hair shine and dimension and spot-on color that looks so natural and it conditions my weak and brittle hair so well that I look forward to my next application! Light Mountain Red is the best true deep red for folks with natural blonde/light brown hair. Silver hairs don't deepen, but end up looking like natural red "highlights" that give the hair a dimension that I thoroughly enjoy! I use black tea instead of straight hot water and add lemon juice and a drop of rosemary oil to cut the "hay" smell of the botanical blend. I process for at least 2 hours w/ a plastic cap and towel wrap (less time if I use heat instead of towel wrap). The fragrance of the botanical blend lingers through a few washes and the color will bleed into light colored towels for a bit, so use dark towels for drying. Application can be messy and will get all over your shower,if that's how you rinse, but so totally worth the result! Thanks iHerb for carrying my beloved hair color!


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    Gorgeous natural colour

    5303069647081047854发表于 Mar 19, 2015

    I love this! Beautiful red hair colour from 100% natural henna plant powder - No need to put toxic chemicals on my head! People say henna smells bad but I really like the smell - to me it smells like matcha tea. Very faint and much better than nasty chemical dye smell. Applying henna is definitely very messy, and difficult to cover all the hair if you have a lot of hair. Also it takes a long time (I let mine cure for 2 hours and then after applying I left it on my hair for 2 hours before rinsing). So if the colour fades quickly then it would feel like too much effort, but if it lasts a long time then I think it's worth it. I'll have to wait and see. Only bad point is that the plastic gloves that came in the pack split as I was using them, so I got yellow stains on my hands. Better to use your own plastic gloves.


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    Using this forever

    5692988256357456262发表于 Mar 17, 2015

    Following my review on Mahogany from light mountain: After extensive research into henna - brands, origins, purity ect I decided light mountain henna was the best choice for me. I was a little cautious at first putting this on semi-coloured ombré hair but boy, I'm not disappointed! This turned out as a medium dark brown with a red glow, especially in the sun. Because the ends of my hair were previously bleached (two years ago) it did fade a little after a week. Since then I've dyed again with the red (fox on packet) and I absolutely LOVE the colour it has turned out to be. Thank you iHerb for making this product available in my country! (Original website doesn't ship to me) Will continue I use for a long time to come :) This red is amazing. I mixed the powder with ginger & ginseng tea as well as a pinch of paprika, 1/2 tsp each of pomegranate powder, goji powder, camu Camu powder and maqui powder. Natural looking result and not at all orange after the mahogany. Easy to apply with the help of a friend, wasn't messy at all. Highly recommended!


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