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I love this stuff but it's not for everyone

Reviewer1393517发表于 6月 17, 2011

I have celiac and I enjoy raw and sprouted food. I love this stuff but my husband says its like cardboard. If you put a little water on it it softens up and resembles bread. I've been eating it for about 2 years now and can't get enough but I also enjoy this type of food (raw, sprouted, dehyrdated)


excellent road food!

Reviewer1936264发表于 6月 11, 2012

This doesn't look or feel anything like bread when you take it out of the box, but especially if you have dietary restrictions, this is the BEST travel food. Random iceberg salad at a convenience place plus this equals a pretty satisfying meal. I sometimes do week-long temp jobs where the food offered is full of stuff I need to avoid (meat, sugar, milk, gluten). When I get by on roasted peanuts and rice cakes I manage, but when I bring these guys (plus Mary's Gone Crackers) my body feels healthier and set to do the work in front of me. This product is also less rich (a bit more vegetable content per serving, lower fat proportion) than some other similar healthy road food, e.g. kale chips, raw "crackers" made from pumpkin seeds, etc.


Great bread alternative!

5346127244440686078发表于 7月 18, 2012

Grain and yeast free these really are a healthy alternative. I'm so glad that I discovered these and thank you iHerb for selling them!


Love this bread

Reviewer2765225发表于 8月 23, 2012

I love Lydias Organics food, great flavor. Unfourtunately after I eat it my stomach tends to fell a bit heavy, even though I splash it with water so as to rehydrate, maybe I would prefer it thiner like a cracker, this is not a bread.



Reviewer1910467发表于 9月 06, 2011

All Lydia's Organics products are delicious. It's not worth making your own when you can buy this stuff so reasonably on iherb. I'm hooked.


LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff!!!!

lucygoosyxo发表于 4月 04, 2012

It has so much flavour and is AMAZING with cheese. It is dry however, I like to put cheese and tomato on it and then wrap it and eat it at work so the tomato juice softens it. So tasty!


Nutritious, filling, delicious!

juliaheis发表于 5月 24, 2011

Bread can't get much healthier than this. It is delicious, filled with vegetables, and so much better for you than even sprouted grain breads. It is good dry and crunchy, and it is good rehydrated (see instructions). I appreciate that it is raw, and that the seeds are sprouted (this helps remove phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors, as well as activate enzymes and boost nutritional content).



Kayleighapples发表于 12月 12, 2013

this is absolutely delicious wish i'd ordered more! really crunchy and flavoursome but not too crumbly.



Reviewer2517781发表于 1月 08, 2012

Don't let the name fool you. This is not a real bread in any normal sense of the word. It's a large size seasoned cracker. It's okay.


lydia's sunflower seed bread

5210308333043198177发表于 3月 17, 2014

this is not so much a bread, but has more like a flaky, dry crumpet texture. the flavor is nice since it just tastes like lydia's seasoning (which is amazing) compressed into a square


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