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Definitely worth buying!

Supplementsdiy发表于 Nov 17, 2013

Maca is an adaptogen that is well known to increase libido for both men/women without affecting hormones. It helps to increase fertility, improve immunity, nutrient dense (rich in amino acid, phytonutrients, healthy fats, vitamin and minerals), nourishes the endocrine system, balances the hormones relieve exhausted adrenal glands which help to handle stres s, increase energy levels, improve physical endurance and elevates our mood. Maca has a sweet and slight root taste. I find maca magic brand is more sweet than navitas naturals brand. I consider it pleasant tasting. It’s a good price for 454g of maca. Personally, I find that the libido boost and energy boost is quite observant. This is a good way to take maca as well as compared to those capsules of 500mg or tablets of 1000mg (seriously low in dosage). I like to mix with chocolate based blend like Amazing Gras s Chocolate to drink. This is also the best value for money though it's not organic. I am not so worried about organic for maca as maca are grown in the high mountainous region in Peru and maca magic has monitored over the growing proces s. Check out my page for more reviews!


Awesome stuff but don't be afraid to heat it or cook with it...

ThinkingforMyself发表于 Nov 17, 2011

Update Nov 16, 2011: I started heating this because I read that raw maca has goitrogens. I tried boiling it in water and drinking it, and unfortunately did this last night and I was wide awake all night! This morning, afraid I'd be sleep all day, I heated some in the oven and put it in a smoothie. I was full of energy and not sleepy at all, and not only felt like working out, I felt like going for a walk afterwards. It seems to work better after heating! I will definitely continue to use this. Original Review: After I purchased this maca to help balance my hormones, I came across a video warning about maca causing cystic acne breakouts. The next day I began to break out. I have no idea if the maca is actually causing it or if it's just the power of suggestion, but I do seem to break out when I take it. I'm also going very easy on the dosage, as I've read other warnings that it can cause severe stomach upset. Otherwise, it seems like a great supplement, and this size is a good value.



Reviewer3009398发表于 Nov 02, 2011

As good as what I was able to buy in Peru. Taste is more sweet than bitter, unlike what I have purchased here in Australia previously. Price is also the best I can find, including international delivery to Oz. Love this maca, will buy more.


Maca Magic

Reviewer1980664发表于 Feb 21, 2012

I've used tis product for two months & I've seen a difference in energy.


Excellent, Superb Maca!

BelieveJesus4EternalLife发表于 Jun 08, 2012

Best Maca on the market, I believe. This is much better than Navitas, IMO. I feel Way more of an affect- and I'm quite sensitive to my body. The affect is long-lasting. It works as an adaptogen, increases energy and other things that maca is known to do- it definitely does. Man, what a great value. Great product. All I eat is brown rice with egg whites, and put some of this maca in my brown rice after it has cooled down. All I can say is this is worth it! Get this big bag. You won't regret it! I will try to never be without this, God willing. Thanks IHerb! I love iherb.


"may cause birth defects"

5436635851791759563发表于 Oct 14, 2014

it has a (very small actually) label on it that it may cause birth defects, but it's not written in the product description! peaple should pay attention to these stuff...


Great Maca

Reviewer1940231发表于 May 17, 2012

I usually buy this, however I read somewhere that geletanized maca was better. Just tried geletanized and couldn't tell a difference like I can with this one:-) Great stuff!!! When I first started using this I had a great sense of wellbeing!


Tastes great

Reviewer1265016发表于 Aug 02, 2013

This looks, tastes and smells identical to the organic brand I've purchased and seems to have the exact same effect. Good price



Reviewer2329182发表于 Feb 21, 2012

very good product, excellent value you will get lots of energy and it will put you in the mood for intimacy


let's grow maca....

Reviewer3218974发表于 Dec 01, 2011

A Chinese pharmacologist once told me to eat enough to make a difference....so I have been eating about 1/4 to 1/2 cup daily in vitamin laced smoothies....and there is a definite shift in the feeling of strength and stamina in my body....onward...!


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