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Reviewer1020146发表于 Jul 05, 2009

After taking this Midori for more than three weeks, I have any acne all gone. I think it is the effect of a combination of more vegetable intake and with this Midori. In will continue with this for few more months to see the long term effect. GOOD!


Finally a real greens product....

Reviewer2466666发表于 Mar 30, 2009

I've used many other brands and have always been disappointed that they contain added vitamins, minerals, herbs, enzymes and probiotics. This is the first greens product that simply contains greens. I still purchase my Jarrow (vitamins & minerals), herbs, Now Foods (digestive enzymes) and Natren probiotics from iHerb. I love the purity of this product! Will definitely purchase again.


Great for pre workouts!!

Reviewer2816797发表于 Jan 12, 2012

I feel the extra energy and endurance drinking a serving before my cardio workout


Very nice product

4897666749514423399发表于 Sep 21, 2012

I have been taking this for almost a month. First I tried to take a full dosage, but found it too strong. So for me, this bottle will last longer than I expected. Good energy booster in the morning, especially for people like me who are not coffee drinkers.


really feel it but a little bitter

Reviewer1781887发表于 Jul 07, 2009

I take this on an empty stomach before my 1st morning workout. I really feel the energy kick in. The taste is a little bitter for me, but my workouts are great. I don't eat veggies so i am confident this is good for me.


Seems good, not sweet

Reviewer1044704发表于 Feb 14, 2010

The Midori Greens appear to be quite good although it is too early to tell. I like the lack of sweetening in the formula. I have tried other greens that were sweetened with stevia. Since stevia is a powerful sweetener, it was too much and therefore found the combination of greens (vegetables) and sweet disgusting. That is not the case with Madre Labs' formula.


Midori Greens

Reviewer1246240发表于 Apr 14, 2010

My husband and I decided to try Midori Greens because of the unusual superfood combination. It tastes like delicious, wonderful tea. Unfortunately, Midori Greens disagree with me, but my spouse continues to enjoy it.



101010011发表于 Sep 02, 2011

nice little boost to my morning drink which gets stirred into my blender ball


Excellent product but not 60 servings.

4669517750707470200发表于 May 13, 2013

Perfect product, flavor is not the best but I feel rly better after take this. The problem is the price and the servings, I can take 40 servings. If the price were lower, I would buy it.


Strong greens

NarnianGirl发表于 May 24, 2010

This is what I expected - a deep green taste & color, with a tangy aroma. Definitely not fun to take with water only! Quite OK in a smoothie, though. Surprised to see this needs refridgerating once opened - well, my fridge was out of order for three days and I kept this on a cupboard shelf instead, hoping it was not too badly damaged... For easier storage, I think I shall stick to the Garden of Life green powders from now on, although this certainly was an interesting product.


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