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Best mineral sunblock for dry and sensitive skin!!

5509534057590642410发表于 11月 27, 2012

After DDF had discontinued their organic sunblock, I had been on a quest for the sunblock. I have sensitive dry skin and am allergic to chemical sunscreens so I could not go back to those; therefore, I was desperate to find the one for me. Some were too oily even for my dry skin and hard to take them off. Others were too dry and even flaked after several hours. Even after I had found a suitable one I still had to endure the smell of herbs which I do not enjoy: there were even ones that actually made me feel sick. Thus, I did not really hope much when I bought this one since I've had a myriad of disappointing experiences with sunblocks out there. However, my searching days are over! I am so glad I finally found the one for me! It is moisturizing but not too oily and not hard to take it off. Not only it does not have yucky and strange smell but also it makes your skin look good. It does not irritate your skin also. I will definitely buy this product again.


Amazing product

Reviewer1719324发表于 12月 22, 2011

Since I have used this product, everybody mentioned how young my skin looks. For the meximum result, you just have to wait for a moment for the white material to dissolve. In the first few trials, I was annoyed a bit as this product wasn't abosorbed by my skin very well. As soon as I stopped using other company's lotion I have been using and applied the mineral fusion only, it made a huge difference. No more watery feeling and very good skin absorption.


Mineral Sunscreen

Reviewer3348865发表于 7月 18, 2011

I tried this mineral sunscreen as Devita's one had been out of stock like forever. When you applying this sun moisturizer, it's bit shiny and having some white cast but if you use make up sponge when you apply on face, it will be so much improved. This is not a matte type but oily skin can use this as ingredients are great. I recommend this one to all skin types except extremely oily skin.


Big NO

Reviewer2901284发表于 5月 03, 2013

Very oily and leaving skin very shiny. All the time i feel cream on my face (like im with mask). BIG NO.


My everyday facial cream!

5486336484415902713发表于 10月 07, 2012

It leaves your skin soft, silky and dewy but not oily like some other creams do. It is the perfect everyday day cream with an SPF of 40. It is amazing!!! I use it daily after I wash my face, and it hydrates my skin the whole day.


It Just Works!

organic发表于 6月 10, 2012

A little goes a long way and I love that it doesn't contain parabens and is a moisturizer that gives SPF 40 protection. Just have to wait for the whiteness of the lotion to sink in. It does make my face shiny, so I need to use a powder to reduce the shine on my face afterwards.


I love this product!

Reviewer2103260发表于 10月 10, 2012

It's moisturizer + physical sunblock, after applying little bit white, but just after 1 minute it's getting ok. Ideal under make up.


Best Mineral sunblock I found

4902567889087251759发表于 2月 09, 2014

When applied to a few minutes, will not white stain. Not sticky. Not peel off. It's the best for me.


Leaves Face White

Reviewer1948983发表于 7月 16, 2014

Very disappointed because this left my face white and it didn't fade. Would not recommend and I don't know why there are so many positive reviews.


Testing it.....

4891438141374216609发表于 4月 13, 2014

I had few application. The smell is fresh and refreshing. It makes my face shiny and oily. I will try one more week to see the effects...


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