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AnnaLL发表于 4月 24, 2013

This is GREAT!!! I use it for asian noodle dishes though, doesn't really work as a regular pasta-sub. But in noodle dishes it's AMAZING! I LOVE being able to eat noodles again =D (low carb)



KrisHolth发表于 8月 28, 2012

Dosen`t really taste much. Is like regular rice noodles. Do not reheat it, they get like rubber.


Yay pasta!

Reviewer1763059发表于 11月 27, 2011

I can eat it again! The first smell is a bit awful but it doesnt smell after you rinse and boil the pasta.


Great product

Reviewer1993523发表于 12月 26, 2011

I love it even just with cream, butter and grated cheese.


love these

Reviewer1476394发表于 10月 21, 2014

What a great alternative to pasta and noodles! chop these up and put them in soups, cook them with pasta sauce, stir fry them...the list goes on. I find you do need to wash them well because they smell a bit (they're in brine). you may also need to cook them for awhile(longer than stated)they're not as chewy that way. They're extremely filling so great if you're on a diet or need to cut down! love them!


Your diet solution in a bag.

4947015229219833424发表于 4月 28, 2015

I've been using shirataki noodles for the last few weeks (all brands, not just this one). All of them taste the same with minor variations in consistency. Once you get over the confronting fishy smell of the noodle (goes away with washing - just hold your breath or breathe through your mouth for a minute or two) and get used to the al dente texture of the noodle, these are literally a divine gift to dieters. You'd be mad not to get on board with this. I have used these in a bunch of different dishes, though I recommend not freezing them - I've found that defrosting these noodles causes them to shrivel up and become harder to chew through. I got some stuck in my teeth, that was kind of awkward. Use them in anything and everything from stir fries to pasta dishes - it doesn't matter, they don't have a taste and won't clash with your meal. Eat up!


Chewy, but a pretty good substitute

4782536685295490376发表于 1月 03, 2014

with a flavoured tomato pasta sauce and some peas and tofu, makes a filling low cal meal. No fishy taste or smell as I had heard.


Great product but prefer the angel hair version

Siljel发表于 12月 28, 2011

When the noodles are this big, or rather fettuccini pasta, it didn't work so great for me. The texture was off and tasted a bit bland/weird. However, the same product, only as angel hair noodles (very very thin) worked GREAT in a dish. Don't use as main dish, but mix it into a dish.


Terrible Smell that just lingers and really makes it hard to eat

4622079126259214095发表于 6月 10, 2014

They looked really nice in the packet but once opened the fishy smell hits you and no matter how much rinsing the smell was still there. Boiled them as directed and still smelly. If these did not have that fishy smell they would have actually not been that bad. Kids refused to eat them as you could still smell the fishy smell. Sorry will not buy again :(


Too rubbery due to the fettuccini form.

Reviewer1747071发表于 7月 28, 2011

Even though I tried to mix in some corn starch, I was not able to eat these. They simply didn't resemble something edible. Just felt like eating rubber bands.


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