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Not a fan of Roses...

Reviewer3046934发表于 5月 31, 2009

This is a creamy skin cream....but it tends to burn my sensitive skin. The fragrance is strong, and that of roses. I love live roses, but do not like the fragrance of roses in cosmetics as it is a very old-timey scent. Probably great for people who's skin isn't real sensitive and for those that don't mind old-fashioned scents.


Disappointed / Bad result!

Reviewer1873605发表于 10月 11, 2011

Used this deep repair cream for 3 weeks and it caused persistant flaky dry skin the entire time, which I did NOT have prior to use. I even exfoliated and it did not help! I switched to another product and within one day my skin was back to normal, smooth and free of dryness and/or flakes. Also, the smell of the deep repair cream is very present, lingering, and unusual. Overall, I am sorry I bought this product.



Reviewer2073832发表于 6月 09, 2010

I am 56 years old and have a mature skin. I read that EFG stands for epidermal growth factor. It is a small polypeptide of 53 amino acids. For a good concentration of EGF ,ReVivé is not within my budget. for this I take a look at Mychelle Deep Repair Cream/ I have been using Mychelle Deep Repair Cream for 10 days and moisturizer enriched with CoQ10 at nights. Result is healthier skin.If you have mature skın lıke me, dont hesıte for thıs cream.


Great cream with other Mychelle products

Reviewer1999412发表于 12月 02, 2009

The smell can be a little overpowering so now I use just a little to reap the benefits. Seems to be a great moisturiser so far. Its winter here now so it works well. Only need to use a little bit, so it should last a long time. Mychelle have great products.


Great Product

Reviewer1479106发表于 8月 09, 2010

The best face cream I've ever used - and I've used some expensive ones in the past. Use it along with the No-Tox serum and and Fabulous Eye Cream and you have a 5-start regime.


Love the results.

Reviewer1776998发表于 5月 11, 2011

Love the results. It evens out the skin tone too.



Reviewer2994189发表于 6月 08, 2011

the old-rose smell doesn't bother me nor do I notice it after putting it on. I have an oily T-zone and it has not caused me to break out and seems to moisturize well, so I will continue using it. as for reducing wrinkles, it's so hard to say if it does or not, but my skin does look good and healthy with it.


Not for me

Reviewer3243890发表于 4月 17, 2012

I used this cream for several weeks and noticed bumps starting to develop on my face. I stopped using it and the condition improved. After a time I used it again and the bumps re-occurred. I threw this cream away and do not recommend it. Started using another brand with no problems.


love this cream

4992735864030155608发表于 10月 30, 2013

I love this cream!!!!!!! works great on my dry skin and smells wonderful. the only face cream I buy now.


Really like it

Reviewer1216861发表于 8月 09, 2011

I like this face cream. I've been using it (in combination with several other MyChelle products) for a couple of weeks. I use this cream in the morning and the MyChelle Revitalizing Night Cream at night. It feels rich and wonderful on my face, and I like the smell. Also, a little goes a long way. I'll definitely keep using it. And I really like that MyChelle products are pure with no noxious chemicals. I'm very careful what I put on my face.


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