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Changed formula is no good! Questionable ingredients!

PurplePegasus发表于 Jan 09, 2009

They changed the formula on this and now it not only smells stronger (I have fragrance sensitivities) but also it doesn't work as an AHA like the original formula did. I have very dry skin (with oily combo) and this used to remove all the flakes and prep the skin nicely to absorb moisturizer. Now it doesn't. My skin is as dry after as it was before using it. This formula foams up more but doesn't do the job. Why did they have to change the formula!? On top of that many ingredients are questionable! If you can't pronounce it but they claim it comes from nature or coconut, you know it's been chemically altered/treated. Of course "everything" comes from nature, even toxic chemicals and carcinogens: aliens didn't drop off a package on Earth full of "unnatural" ingredients! Disappointed in this company which was supposed to support environment and use wholesome ingredients. They fail in both counts! Ev


I like this cleanser.

Reviewer1582777发表于 May 19, 2011

Good for oily skin, cleanses well but lightly, witout tightness afterwards. It's refershingly cleansing in the morning after my skin has got all greasy overnight. It's not cheap, but it isn't a ripoff.


The Best!

Reviewer3197558发表于 Apr 12, 2009

I've been using this cleanser for years. Nothing has ever cleansed my skin as well—the bonus is it shrinks my pores like nothing else I've tried. And, a little goes a long way. Love it!


ouch - strong stuff!

KaliMama发表于 Jan 03, 2011

I have combination skin which isn`t particularly sensitive, but this felt like a very strong formula. I was very excited about trying it after reading the reviews, and bought the scrub and enzyme mist from the same series. It ended up leaving my skin red and dried out. The only product that I like is the Enzyme mist, which isn`t all that impressive either, but does add a little moisture. The scrub didn`t remove the dry skin at all, rather seemed to MAKE my skin worse and flaky, combined with the cleanser. It is right that the cleanser lasts a long time, and does a good job at removing make-up, but it really dissapointed me and I`ll probably have to throw out the bottle as my skin improved again when I stopped using it. Not to mention, the bottled leaked and I had goey stuff all over. My mistake for using a plastic bag in case, but it definetly had something to do with the bottle as well


absolutely love it

Reviewer3136574发表于 Aug 23, 2010

keeps my combination skin fresh, even-toned, and luminous; cleans deeply but not overly drying


MyChelle Fruit Enzyme

Reviewer2432818发表于 Jan 26, 2009

Fantastic cleanser, doesn't leave your face dry,


great product

Reviewer1578041发表于 Jul 10, 2009

I love all of MyChelle's products. My face feels really clean after using this. I was told once at a health coop that sold this product, that if you leave this cleanser on for a few minutes it acts like an exfoliator. I do that sometimes but prefer to use the Fruit enzyme skin peel product instead.


Loved the sample

Reviewer1999412发表于 Oct 14, 2009

so I ordered:) Refreshing scent that has nice cleansing properties. Works well as an eye makeup remover too so its nice to cleanse with one product, with the added bonus of knowing its toxin free. Only need to use a small amount as stated- spreads nicely, so its great value for money.



holahola发表于 Jan 18, 2012

Removes all makeup quickly and easy, I love it!


Smooth skin

Jennie发表于 Apr 01, 2013

I use this at night and my skin feels so smooth after washing it. Sometimes I even leave it on for a few minutes for a deeper cleaning. A little goes a long way so even though it's more expensive than what I would pay for a face soap, it will last me a long time. Added bonus, this is one of the gifts I chose when I won the $50 MyChelle shopping spree on iHerb's Facebook page. :D


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