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Really Good

Reviewer2308938发表于 Dec 25, 2012

I would say that this is probably the best peel/exfoliater I've ever used in terms of its effectiveness and potency. I noticed a dramatic difference after first treatment of 5 minutes, but it is very strong on my skin so I can only use it every 2 weeks or I turn red. Fine by me, less product to buy for its purpose.


Great product, tad bit pricey

Reviewer2222635发表于 Jun 08, 2012

As with most of the stuff Mychelle sells, the product itself is good, but the prices seem to be going up while the size is shrinking. I swear I thought they used to sell this in a larger size when it was in a tub instead of a squeeze out tube. Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think so. At any rate, the squeeze tube is nice as it makes it easier to apply after a shower. But the downside is that some product is always going to remain trapped inside, so you either have to toss it away or go through the hassle of cutting open the tube. I've been using the Hydrating Cactus Mask after this to soothe the mild redness and irritation it brings on. I'd say if you use it cautiously you can get 4-6 applications out of one tube. When you add both this and the Cactus Mask together, that breaks down to a price of about $10 to $15 per treatment. I'd like to use this about twice a week, but due to the price, I keep it to only once per week. I think it is a bit expensive for an at home kind of thing. But for this product, so far, I have yet to find a cheaper alternative of similar quality. I am looking, however.


Great Fruit Peel

Coupon-Code-CEC033发表于 Feb 15, 2009

This peel is strong for beginners of Gycolic acid. It is amazing. It will firm your face, get rid of dead skin and fix oily and breakouts. You don't have to use it all over every single time. My forehead is oily so I use it at night on my forehead twice a week, all over my face once a week. Good stuff and you will love the smell. Once you start using organic and pure products from Mychelle, you will know the difference. You won't go back to your reguar department stores full of chemical products.... I love this peel, magical!


My favorite MyChelle peel

Reviewer1753061发表于 Oct 16, 2009

I love this peel...very fragrant and natural smellingwith rasberries, its a very mild peel that when used longer term helps a lot with the texture of my skin. Many other product lines say they are natural, but if you read the ingredients they are terrible. Not MyChelle. They deliver as promised.


Makes my dry skin smooth all over again

PurplePegasus发表于 Jan 15, 2012

...and after the first treatment. Got this in the kit and loved it so purchased the full size. Color is dark raspberry red and very fruity with a few bits in there, looks like you could eat this puree. I have MCS and this does not bother me, has no smell or very faint and natural. It dries fast and just one minute after application, I rinse it off. I love the tube: if I dispense too much it sucks it right back up. (I only do this with freshly washed hands). The one-twist cap is very easy to work with too. Excellent product and great packaging but beware: it is quite small. I only use a very thin layer. All I need is cover the skin, no need to pile it on, that's a waste! A bit concerned about some of the questionable ingredients found in all of Mychelle products (not organic, processed chemicals supposedly from foods like coconut) but it doesn't affect my MCS at all. I do use a LOT of Mychelle products and plan to buy a few more. They should make the kits cheaper and with more products because the more I try, the more I want to buy!


Fruit Fiesta Peel

Reviewer2432818发表于 Jan 20, 2009

Fantastic peel, but then of course I just love all Mychelle products, The product targets what it says it supposed to do and it does, and their all natural.


Mychelle Fruit Fiesta Peel

Reviewer2827944发表于 Mar 22, 2011

Just a slight tingling, no discomfort at all, skin feels brand new, I do this 3xweekly, followed by Revitalising Night Cream. I've been doing this for two weeks now & my 55yr old skin is responding very nicely



Reviewer1625077发表于 May 14, 2011

Very good scrub. Very economical to use, just a little bit all over the face. After using the skin smooth and beautiful!


best peel on the market & I've tried them all!

Reviewer1758829发表于 Dec 28, 2011

This peel reduces pour size & leaves the skin smooth. I would not be without this stuff!


love love love

Reviewer2037796发表于 Mar 15, 2010

great product


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