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They reformulated it!

4977779660095874295发表于 6月 20, 2015

This used to be a unicorn: a cosmetically elegant zinc oxide sunscreen with minimal white cast, non-nanoparticle, with great moisturizing ingredients like squalane. But now they've reformulated it to include alcohol, which makes it unviable for me. So disappointing!


Just ok

Reviewer1539435发表于 8月 10, 2011

I purchased this after rave reviews. It's pretty thick, rubs in ok, protects well, but it still feels heavy. I guess I was expecting feeling like I was wearing next to nothing.


Very nice finish, but impractical.

pusscat发表于 3月 12, 2013

At first when trying this sunscreen I thought it was great - it is so difficult to find a natural sunscreen that isn't ridiculously oily. And the finish of this is definitely beautiful, matt and smooth. It goes on like a primer and makeup goes over wonderfully. Also there was no irritation which I often get from sunscreens. However, after using it for a while in my daily life, I have found it to be very impractical. I haven't had this problem with any other products, but the only way to describe it is that it makes sweat 'sit' on the skin, so when I look in the mirror it's like I can see each sweat droplet, rather than just looking a bit dewy all over. And this is just from the walk to work or it being a warm day, not at the gym or anything like that. It gets very embarrassing having to dab at the face to avoid looking all droplety. Maybe it is just too heavy for a warmer climate. So, maybe if you live somewhere cold, are someone who doesn't reach the point of breaking a sweat throughout the day, or just don't perspire through your face, this would be perfect, but for me sadly it doesn't work.


not good

4732527712217425044发表于 8月 15, 2013

hard to apply, and white small little cream, can absorb by the skin completely ... not that good and not works for me



5226714495254083566发表于 9月 06, 2013




5028083102488058955发表于 2月 05, 2014

Spreads flaky on my skin



5352790319926319037发表于 7月 31, 2013

Look through so many good reviews, want to give it a try but then it is horrible, it is not easy apply and after I apply, I feel very sticky in my skin. it is just not my sunscreen


maybe I need to use this more..

Reviewer1518299发表于 2月 28, 2010

..because when I put it on I get white pieces everywhere!


Love MyChelle products

Reviewer2543227发表于 3月 05, 2010

This product was a little cakey.


Good start but now smelling strange

Reviewer2666233发表于 4月 27, 2011

I like this sunscreen. It doesn't have a strong aroma, feels good on my skin and I don't feel like I have a film coating my face. Also matt, no shine. My skin is on the drier side. Wish it came in a stronger SPF as the sun in SoCal is very strong. Post note: over time it seems that this has started to smell not so good. It has an aroma like sour milk, which fades after a bit but is quite strong when applying the cream. Shame as at first it seemed great. I would not buy this product again.


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