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LOVE LOVE Silica !!!

Reviewer2019724发表于 2月 12, 2012

Long are the days of flimsy, unsightly, waitress nails. Working in a restaurant, I thought I would never have beautiful nails. I do Now!!! MY nail tips are white, strong and growing fast everyday! A friend suggested I take it at night for better absorption, I am starting tonight. Just wanted everyone to know it has taken a month to see results ( 1 bottle). I am so incredibly happy with this product. Did I mention my hair is so thick now that I am beside myself!!! :) I am a happy customer.


Great product been using it for over six years

Reviewer3255105发表于 11月 20, 2011

I have been using this product on and off for six years, it is a great product, Silica is good for the body and helps your nails and hair grow faster. It might have some benefits to your skin also. The hubner product seems to be the best one on the market that I have been able to find.


one of the best supplements you can buy!

Reviewer3188460发表于 12月 16, 2010

This is one of the few supplements that i actually seen a real diffrence. I n about 3 weeks time, my skin actiually starts to feel smoother and healthier.In my opinion and experience, this is the best supplement for silica by far!


Excellent for hair, skin, nails, joints...

Reviewer1964315发表于 4月 07, 2013

I have taken this product for several years, minus a period when iherb stopped carrying (had to search another retailer). Happy it is available again. My girlfriend told me her Mom (in her sixties) had taken it for years and her hair was strong and healthy (she is African-American and hair can be very fragile). I believe in this brand. The purity and considered it fantastic for overall benefits. I also take with biotin supplement and the Neocell Super Collagen powder. A+++!!


Great Product!

4991909285220739994发表于 1月 06, 2013

I would recommend Original Silica Gel to anyone considering taking the supplement. The gel form makes is very easy to ingest (take a spoonful directly or dilute it in water). It's a little gritty, but doesn't taste like anything. After a month of using the product, I definitely noticed a difference in the strength of my hair and nails.


Fast and noticeable results

Reviewer1186449发表于 11月 14, 2011

In only a few weeks I noticed healthier nails (much less brittle and fewer breakage); my hair has gotten thicker and fuller to the point where my hairdresser commented on the health of my hair. I will continue to buy this product.


Excellent customer service

Reviewer1695077发表于 8月 24, 2011

I have been beyond satisfied with the customer service of I herb. I had receieved a product that was damaged in transit.. I didnt feel comfortable ingesting. They accomodated me and sent me a new product. I was so impressed. I like the best of the best and I am very paticular about where and who I get my supplements from These guys have really been so awesome to deal with! Thanks so much I herb! as far as the product I have had alot of issues with my health and Im still evalusting what it does for me. I really like it though.. This silica is the best. Oh and they always send my samples of things to try.


Silica Gel

Reviewer1881585发表于 12月 12, 2010

This is a good solid product. Good for overall health and strengthening. I find that half the recommended dose works well for me. Also, a mention of the excellent customer service I have received from iherb. This is a very good site. The response to an email took less than an hour. Thank you iherb!


5 stars!!!!

Reviewer3277118发表于 3月 01, 2012



I used to have this years ago, and have returned to it.

Reviewer1582777发表于 10月 11, 2012

I take a spoonful (one is supplied) every morning. keep it in the fridge, swallow it down quickly, as it has rather an odd texture. I forget why I stopped using it the first time, but it wasn't for any bad reason. I like its purity.


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