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Check the strength

Reviewer2454698发表于 Mar 18, 2009

I've been using melatonin for my son (now 6) over a year now, and the good sleep has helped him learn better. I used to buy the Natrol in the smaller bottle, but the bigger is more economical. Just be aware that the larger bottle is 2-1/2x the strength. I had to make a few phone calls to get the dosage right (we use 1/2 tsp)


Better than pills

Reviewer1081242发表于 Oct 07, 2009

Works about 50% of the time and seems to be more effective than the pills (I have tried 11 brands in pill form) and sprays. I have noticed that it is easy to lose the "window of opportunity" for actual sleep if I take it and decide to stay up a bit later to finish watching something on TV. It works but is very gentle and has never left me with a morning after feeling. I have chronic sleep problems and have found that it is best to switch out products because nothing seems to work for more than a week or two.


HIGHLY recommended!!

Reviewer2060946发表于 Jan 27, 2008

I have severe trouble with insomnia, have tried many products (including prescription meds, herbal formulas, and even other brands of Melatonin) and this product really helps me to fall and stay asleep all night. What makes this work for me is that it is LIQUID and therefore more easily and quickly absorbed. HIGHLY recommended!!


Works great, as always!

Reviewer3178645发表于 May 25, 2009

We use it to nudge a hyper little boy into sleep. It makes it easier for him to drop off. Dr. had us start with a low dose and increase it until we found the lowest dose that had him asleep within 30 minutes. Too much gives our little guy vivid dreams and way too much gives him nightmares.


Excellent and can be used for children

Reviewer2266986发表于 May 14, 2011

My daughter takes 2/3 of a tablespoon and sleeps great with this. No funny pre-sleep hyperactivity as we had with some chewable melatonin before. Highly recommended!


Keeps me asleep.

Reviewer2683170发表于 May 31, 2011

I had chronic insomnia (due to chronic fatigue, depression and peri-menopause) for two years. I used the Natrol liquid melatonin in conjunction with the Natrol Sleep 'n Restore tablets. The tablets get me to sleep and this keeps me asleep. I've been using it for over a year now. After two years of NOT sleeping, the sleep I get from this product is bliss! Tastes nice too!


great product

Reviewer3010057发表于 Feb 16, 2012

my shih tzu was recently diagnosed with cushings disease, part of his treatment is 2 tsp, 2x a day of melatonin.(Natrol) (he is under the care of a holistic traditional vet.


Good melatonin product in liquid form

4966206291771368848发表于 Jul 20, 2016

A liquid formulation enables you to adjust the dose easily. This is the more concentrated one (so it's cheaper per mg), there is a weaker one also. You can get quite a small dose, even with this stronger liquid, by using cooking measuring spoons. A 1/4 teaspoon measure is 1.25ml of liquid, so that is one eighth of the 2.5mg dose, which equals about 312mcg of melatonin. A half teaspoon measure would give a 625mcg dose, and so on. So far, seems a good product to me.


Works Well

4697152878376519486发表于 Jul 03, 2016

It works as it is supposes too, however my kids both do not like the taste.



Reviewer3264563发表于 Mar 13, 2009

It seems to help, but other times I cannot tell that it has been taken - the pediatric dr. prescribed this for my 2 1/2-yr old who is on the autism spectrum. It helps her fall asleep (sometimes) but we have not seen it help her stay asleep. But we have noticed it does help some! It doesn't make her groggy, we just use the regular dose at bedtime to help her get to sleep faster (which is very difficult for her).


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