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An unexpected benefit... and a warning to those with Type II Diabetes.

Reviewer1921566发表于 Feb 21, 2011

I am a type II Diabetic with severe insulin resistance. I am also a physician. I have noticed that I need much less insulin when I take the olive leaf extract. It seems to act as an insulin "sensitizer". For those who are diabetic, a warning to monitor your glucose closely once you begin this product to avoid becoming hypoglycemic. An adjustment may be needed in your daily regimen. On the plus side, less shots is a good thing and combine it with some exercise and you may find yourself using 1/2 to 1/4 of your dosage.



Reviewer2427281发表于 Apr 24, 2011

Olive leaf is used to fight colds and flu, yeast infections, and viral infections such as Epstein-Barr disease, shingles and herpes. It has been shown to reduce low-density lipoproteins (LDL), or bad cholesterol. Researchers have found that olive leaf lowers blood pressure and increases blood flow by relaxing the arteries.


Great Product

Reviewer2205214发表于 Feb 20, 2010

Helping with ulcerative colitis and candida - keeping the bacteria and yeasts down. I feel much better when using this. I use it in rotation with oregano oil and grapefruit seed extract.


Best Olive leaf extract so far

Reviewer1761278发表于 Feb 14, 2012

This is the best olive leaf extract so far. I have tried NOW brand earlier but this is way better and more effective in keeping flu away. My dad even used it for his piles (internal and external application) and reported very good result.


Olive Leaf Extract

Reviewer2579163发表于 Jan 18, 2009

Olive Leaf Extract helps with system fungal infections.


Chest congestion

Reviewer1245716发表于 Jul 07, 2009

Maybe, it was the flu. After five days, the mucus started to become green and I thought I would have to get an antibiotic. Then, it started clearing. I was taking 2 capsules 3 times a day. I had this experience two years in a row. The third year, I took the Nature's Way Sambucol in addition to the olive leaf. After 3 days, I was beginning to feel better. I haven't had an antibiotic for eight years now.


works great against colds

Reviewer2819739发表于 Jan 06, 2007

Great to use if catch a cold or flu coming on. I take 2 caps am and pm for a week or two.


Good product

Reviewer2861035发表于 Mar 12, 2010

I have been taking Olive Leaf daily for some time and I regret it if I forget. I have never read anywhere that Olive Leaf helps with irritable bowel or digestion, but it sure seems to for me. I am not sure what it is doing, I just know that I feel better when I take it. This is a good quality product at an affordable price.



Reviewer2681049发表于 Jul 22, 2010

I bought this product because it seems to have a good amount of oleuropein (the active ingredient) compared to many other brands of olive leaf. Seemed to help in eradicating symptoms of an intestinal bug my family picked up. Also noticed my tinea cleared up while taking it, but I was taking a product called Tribiotics at the same time which I think had a synergistic effect.


Good product

Reviewer1771322发表于 Jul 30, 2009

My sister and I both had sinus problems and other bacterial infections. This product really seems to help. We will be ordering more.


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