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PGX may change your life

Reviewer1618776发表于 10月 01, 2009

I am definitely really into PGX. I think it does what it claims to do, and has helped me to get my weight loss going and consistant. The new smooth digest is a slightly different conecntration than the original, but in general I have had only minor digestional difficulties with both. If you are ready to get started with weight loss, appetite control and glycemic balance, give this a shot. also check out the book, Hunger Free Forever.



Reviewer2909253发表于 6月 18, 2010

weight coming off, system regular, slow, but steady


PGX comfort of Smooth Digest

Reviewer1408463发表于 7月 27, 2010

Yes switching PGX regular capsules to a brand that helps remove gas and bloating will appreciate this product because its eliminates these issues. Its does the job of giving your good dose of fiber its comfortable in your digestive track. Give it a try you will be glad you switched. PGX does think of many different variables ways of bringing success and comfort for their customers. HUNGRY FREE FOREVER Book is a must read to benefit your new health change for life. Rhonda Canada


Good stuff

Reviewer1314416发表于 8月 11, 2011

The enzymes included in this product help to reduce the gas -- not eliminate it, unfortunately. DRINK THE WATER as recommended and start slowly, like one capsule a day to give your system time to adjust. I am losing weight (20+ pounds so far), without hunger pains. I've managed to completely kick my chocolate habits. The shakey feeling that I used to get between meals has gone completely away. This works as advertised for me when I take it as directed.


Better than the original

Reviewer1533331发表于 9月 05, 2010

If you have taken PGx, you know it can have some side effects, such as bloating and gas. This formula helps reduce those effects. It also contains slightly more (about 9% more) PGx per tablet. The tablets are not any bigger than the 750 mg kind. NOTE: If you have not taken the tablets, be warned - they are BIG. Some people can't handle that; it's OK by me, though.


PGX is good stuff

Reviewer1499149发表于 10月 04, 2010

Really works.



Reviewer2053610发表于 6月 26, 2010

These work well for me. I feel full and am rarely hungry. I haven't experienced any of the stomach discomfort others describe but i work hard to keep my digestion in good working order. I've already noticed a drop in blood sugar as well and I'm not even up to max dosage.


Great product

Reviewer1571676发表于 6月 09, 2010

Wish I could afford more of it. It helps me by giving the fiber I need as well as helping with blood sugar levels.


Continues to work for me

Reviewer2992196发表于 6月 16, 2010

Has continued to work well for me, changed my eating habits and I have lost 30 lbs, no longer need cholesteral meds.



Reviewer2170542发表于 7月 20, 2011

Bought it after seeing ingrediance discussed on DR. OZ. I don't seem to be as hungry And have lost 5 lbs, Pill is very large so may be hard for some people to swollow.


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