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Great product

Reviewer1684979发表于 Oct 23, 2007

This product is fantastic. It's got plenty of servings per bottle, it's got good EPA/DHA content, it tastes fine when taken alone, and, best of all, it's affordable.


Works For Me

Reviewer1208146发表于 Dec 29, 2007

Excellent product. Very mild, non-fishy taste, easy to consume. Highly concentrated, much better than taking 5 of the softgels to equal the dosage. One teaspoon in the morning and one at night work well for me and have greatly reduced my mild depression. I am also taking Vitamin B and Magnesium, they all seem to work well together.


great anti-depressant

Reviewer1243287发表于 Apr 06, 2009

I found that my anti-depressants just weren't working. I added 1 tsp. of this fish oil to my daily diet and it was like night turned into day.



Reviewer1600723发表于 Oct 24, 2007

Best price on molcularly distilled fish oil. High EPA/DHA. It also tastes amazing for fish oil.


Excellent Value

Reviewer3012557发表于 Aug 31, 2007

Comparable to brands that cost twice as much. No fish burps at all.


Excellent choice

Reviewer2806392发表于 Jul 09, 2010

Due to pricing, I switched from Carlson's Fish oil to this one. It has excellent nutrient quality, the taste is a little less great than with carlsons, the orange flavour is a little strong, but still a great staple.


Orange burps all day long

Reviewer2944151发表于 Dec 06, 2010

Strong Omega3 with orange flavor. The flavor is very pleasant per se (orange zest), but unfortunately it gave me nasty orange burps all along the day. Also the bottle is very bad to pour from, so unless you use a syringe or thoroughly wipe it down every time you take some omega, you'll have a bottle that's oily all over.


Nature's Answer, Liquid Omega-3 Deep Sea Fish Oil Review

Reviewer3254225发表于 Aug 04, 2011

Both my wife and I have participated in fish oil studies with intake levels of 10 ml per day. We routinely mixed the oil with a bit of fruit juice (we like Dole's Paradise Blend). We have tracked improvements in cholesterol and triglycerides at the higher intake levels and general well being sense. Trickier is balancing diet/weight as fish oil is concentrated and not without calories. We have bought more expensive oils but the cost was not sustainable in this recession. This is very comparable to that oil and more affordable. We seem to be getting identical results with it. Minimal kickback from oil consumption later in the day. We are so glad to have found this option. Think you will like the quality here at a reasonable cost! Dave from Tallahassee


Great Service and Good Product

Reviewer2313494发表于 Dec 06, 2007

The fish oil was delivered within a couple of days. Professionally Packaged, boxed, bubble rapped, cushioned. I was impressed. The fish oil tastes almost as good as Carlson's lemon, but with a orange/clove flavor. It's not bad, I drink a spoonful straight, and the kids put it in a little juice and drink it down. I have noticed a little fish burp, but not enough to complain about. I will use it and reorder from iHerb.


Best omega 3 on the market!

Reviewer3002050发表于 Jan 01, 2008

I have tried a number of omega-3 products but,none come close to the economy of this fish oil.It has a good taste with no fish burps!The amount of EPA/DHA per serving can't be matched.


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