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This one is Very Effective for Liver Detox!

5702615038509124220发表于 10月 07, 2012

Note: If Milk Thistle is intended to be used for a liver detox, it must either have an enteric coating or be administered sub-lingually. If not, the acid your stomach produces nullifies the efficacy of the supplement. This brand,(Nature's Answer) carried by iHerb, can be administered sub-lingually; therefore making it very effective.


My first use of a glycerin-based tincture

SlipperyElm发表于 4月 04, 2012

I originally recommended this to a client with a severe liver problem to help with jaundice. Reports back was that it worked well to clear the yellow color from the skin. I recently had symptoms of a gall stone issue and started taking it for myself, it did help those symptoms (I was also using other herbs), but I had a nice "side-effect" too. I noticed I was more alert and clear headed after a couple of days, which leads me to believe my liver needed some cleansing. I've used alcohol-based and prefer them, but this seems just as good. Great price and quality! BUY IT!


Great for the liver

naturalmenopause发表于 10月 03, 2012

This is a remedy I always have handy at home. I use it after a heavy meal, when I'm coming down with a cold or flu or when I have a headache. It really helps my liver cope when it is being overworked and I often feel the benefit very quickly.


animal lover

Reviewer1381164发表于 2月 08, 2009

Thank you for the very speedy delivery of Nature's Answer Milk Thistle (alcohol-free.) My vet recommended this supplement for my parakeet. The bird was found over four years ago--half dead and suffering from liver disease. Some TLC and Milk Thistle have extended my bird's life for several years now and we are grateful.


Good Liver Detox

Reviewer2703738发表于 10月 18, 2008

Somehow whenever I experience a mild sore throat it goes away within minutes after taking milk thistle. I guess it removes 'liver heat' which affects the respiratory system.


Very pleased with this product

Reviewer1478459发表于 6月 23, 2009

I am very pleased with this product as I gave it to my cat who has problems with his liver. I am glad to say that just after 3 weeks of giving him Nature's Answer, Milk Thistle Seed, his condition has improved. I recommend this highly to anyone who has a pet with liver problems.


msr r

Reviewer3070001发表于 8月 30, 2008

the best milk thistle product i foun on the market


Milk Thistle Seed

Reviewer1623885发表于 10月 03, 2012

Along with a gluten free diet this has eliminated my husband's fatty liver issues. Love that it's alcohol-free.


alcohol free

Reviewer2100245发表于 7月 29, 2010

Best absorption is usually in liquid form but often that means taking an alcohol based tincture....kinda counter productive when taking milk thistle!....Natures Answer has the answer!


liver support

Reviewer2006780发表于 10月 15, 2010

I'm giving it 5 stars becuase it has no alcohol, and has no side effects in my son. he needs the liver support because all the supplements he is on being autistic. Before this I was gicing some other expensive product, but it was causing him cold/flu reactions, but not this milk thistle, so I stick to it.


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