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crunchy maple sunrise

Reviewer1371781发表于 May 29, 2013

this is the best gluten free cereal i have ever had. so much flavor!



4952170420623429082发表于 Nov 03, 2013

I'm living in Japan, where cereal isn't a popular item at the supermarkets. The only choices are brands like Kellogg's, which contain GMO ingredients. Since I discovered iherb the options have opened up to me and I'm finally able to have breakfast cereal again! I'm very impressed with this cereal. It was love at first bite and I actually finished off my first box in two days (definitely pacing myself now)! I love the sweet maple taste and the little corn puffs. It's very refreshing!


A fourth of this is sugars.

InozarDeBenz发表于 Sep 27, 2014

Unfortunately I have a real measurable problem towards a range of food substances, so unlike many people who have jumped on the trendy gluten free diet by choice, I can't suddenly choose to eat gluten again. For more than twenty years I have had problems finding nice tasting products for my diet. Often the fabricated products for people on a gluten- and dairy free diet are bland, at least in Scandinavia. Therefore I use iHerb and other sources to find alternatives to my diet. So I received this cereal without really knowing what to expect. But after testing it I must say that I really like the taste of this particular cereal. The declared nutrients for many cereals are typically hiding behind 'serving size' instead of using a standard volume for measuring the nutrients. This fools many people to believe that it is less sugars in a cereal than it really is. This cereal is no exception. Because it must be said that it is used more than enough sugars in it. (Btw: "natural maple flavor", does it mean that it is not real maple syrup in this?) In fact, even when it is not refined (white) sugar in this, it nevertheless might be too much sugars in this for some people: More than a fourth (28%) of the carbohydrates are sugars. And since more than 80% of the cereal consists of carbohydrates, it means that approximately a fourth of what you ingest of this cereal is sugars. Although my body has no problems with food rich on glycemics, I still think the content of sugars in this cereal could be less without threatening the good taste. I remove one star because of it.



5655281364873893614发表于 Dec 14, 2013

Brilliant, love it


Love Love Love

4673827706356754088发表于 Jan 25, 2014

You would not think this is gluten free as it tastes so good. A great breakfast treat or as a snack. Great crunch and flavor. Love!


L-O-V-E-D I-T-!-!

5030829864412264152发表于 Feb 17, 2014

It has a really good taste!! I love it... the ultimate cereal for maple lovers. enjoy :)


My new "candy".

Reviewer3126648发表于 May 30, 2014

Lovely, sweet taste when I eat it straight from the box instead of candy. I find it too sweet as a cereal on its own,so I mix it with half and half Puffed Millet Cereal from Arrowhead Mills and add milk, that way it tastes just exelent for me. Other plain, puffed, unsweetended cereals works just as well as a mixer, as does rolled oats.



5097656283647219505发表于 Jan 03, 2014

무난하게 맛있네요 너무 달지도않구요 과자같이 아삭아삭한 식감의 씨리얼입니다 그렇지만 생각보다 양이 적어서 많이드시는 남자분들은 세,네번에 다 드실 것 같네요!


Great gluten free cereal

Reviewer3066091发表于 Sep 30, 2014

Nature's Path Crunchy Maple Cereal is by far the best gluten free cereal that I have ever had. It is the perfect combination of sweet and crunchy. It's good that I can share it with my friends and family and they don't even realize that it is a gluten free product.



5279112126722373932发表于 Oct 13, 2014

Deep Honey taste. Good to eat as Breakfast.


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