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Not for acne nor for dry skin

nikolina发表于 Apr 04, 2014

Soap has a beautiful structure and a wonderfull smell and I'm pretty pleased with it. However, it did not help with my acne (have washed my face with it for 3 months) and it does dry out a bit (but not like other soaps). It was still ok, especially for body and hair (hair is beautiful upon him!). I RECOMMEND for skin without problems, but I WON'T PURCHASE AGAIN 'couse I need something more suitable for acne prone skin! If you find my review in any way helpfull, please hit YES below my comment (where it says "Was this review helpful to you?"). Thank you!


Clears skin a bit drying

Carybear发表于 Apr 05, 2015

man, I loved this bar...and then... After a week I started getting a bit dry around the nose n mouth. I was hoping I wouldnt need a moisturizer with the pH doing its thing. The pH is on point however, this is not as drying as castile or "craft" soaps. i dont like the fact the ingredients are not listed on the label and the company will not satisfy any inquiries as to what the ingredients might be, or even of what nature (coconut based etc) I think its just super old, rebatched detergent...rebatching is how they get the pH so low. I don't know, I like it and will keep using it. ***Update*** The soap *is* very drying. once a day max.


Love this soap for skin comfort it gives!

Reviewer29875314发表于 Jun 28, 2012

I liked this soap for: skin soothing, skin comfort, no tension, scent of childhood memories with caramel-vanilla-milk aroma. I used it for face and body. The bar lasts for truly very long time. Does not lather strongly, but this is not the quality feature for soap for my needs. I liked , that it has allantoin , the herbal agent, that is suitable for egzema, dermatitis affected skin. As I had severe allergy fluctuationg during period of one year, this soap was a real salvation for my almost "no skin" on my face, my neck and my hands.



Reviewer1973966发表于 Mar 05, 2013

I love, love this soap for face, body and hair. I have been using it for years. It's the best soap ever, due to its pH being acidic to match skin pH. So it's not made with the alkali ingredients that most soaps are, which dry and/or irritate skin. I like its lemony scent, its good lathering ability and its excellent cleaning ability. As an aside, I use magnesium oil all over my body before bed and wash it off with my morning shower. Magnesium has an alkali pH and this is the only soap that washes it off in a flash, and believe me it is so necessary to wash it off. As far as I know, this is the only soap bar with an acidic pH and I will not use any other.


never dries out your face

Beauty-starts-here-click发表于 Mar 30, 2012

reasons why I recommend this soap 1. this soap never makes the skin dry 2. I have a sensitive skin, but this does not irritates 3. yellowy sweet figure gives the softness on the face with pleasant scent 4. great scent 5. it moisturize the skin


The Best!

5006421321767809237发表于 May 31, 2012

This is the best cleansing bar I have used, its organic and ph balanced. Doesn't dry out the skin or irritate it. Leaves my skin soft without any residue.


Mrs. Morris

Reviewer2410981发表于 Mar 18, 2008

Have used this bar for many, many years.


Good Stuff !!

Reviewer1051927发表于 Dec 18, 2010

I have psoriasis and dry skin in general and this product has really helped my overall skin health. I really notice the difference in what it does when I use another type soap. It doesn’t lay a bunch of moisturizer’s on your skin but does its thing through PH balance. It has really helped my scalp skin health as well, yep; you can even use it on your noggin. 5 stars and a 1/2 a head spin on this little gem. Great skin product!



otherkind发表于 Apr 16, 2011

Nice multifunctional bar. Great for vacations as you can use it for any part of your body.


Great soap

Reviewer1533331发表于 Jul 02, 2010

This soap smells very strongly lemony, like lemon Pine Sol. However, the smell does not linger. Soap lathers a lot and leaves my skin feeling healthy, shiny and balanced. My only complaint is that the bars do not last long. It could be because I have a water softener. I would like to add that the soap makes a great MASK. The box in which it is packaged includes instructions, but basically you lather it up and leave it on your skin about 5 minutes. Rebalances you skin's pH. I like using it this way, too. Please don't discontinue this soap - it's fantastic!!


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