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I think they may be working!!

Reviewer1669167发表于 Aug 12, 2008

I started getting migraines about 3 yrs ago and thought that they were related to the heat here in Houston but once I got pregnant they disappeared but now have returned after having my babies which leads me to believe that they are related to my hormones. Long story short, I've had a migraine everyday for the past month but yesterday was my first day without one since starting my feverfew regimine two days ago. I'm taking feverfew along with sarsaparilla (nature's way from iherb) and it seems to be working. I'll keep it up and see if it continues to help my migraines and write again to see what the long term effects are. So far I've had absolutely no side effects.



naturalsgirls发表于 Oct 08, 2012

Once upon a time in-law bought these tablets in Russia, they have helped her cope with migraine and severe headache. Then they disappeared from the market ... She was very happy to get them for me for free!


doctor recommended for MIGRAINES - WORKS!!

coconut发表于 Jun 30, 2012

This has increased my quality of life! I used to get regular migraines. My doctor recommended Feverfew. I took it EVERYDAY 3 times a day for 2 weeks and I had no migraines. I then took it 2 times a day - morning and evening for another 2 weeks. Now I am on a maintenance dosage. I take 1 capsule a day 3 days a week. I have no more migraines. This product as saved me a lot of money. No hospital visits, doctor visits or expensive destructive medicine to take!!! No more missed days of work or holiday parties. I have gottem my life back!!!!


natures way feverfew tablets

Reviewer2445419发表于 Sep 01, 2010

They really get rid of the headaches


Optical migraines

Reviewer2569584发表于 Sep 29, 2010

I get optical migraines several times a year - no pain, but temporary blindness followed by heavy fatigue. Feverfew stops them in 10-20 minutes. I take a capsule daily in the hopes of preventing episodes, but I'm especially impressed that even when an episode starts, 1 or 2 extra feverfews right away puts me back to rights very quickly.



Reviewer1562780发表于 Apr 14, 2007

I was told a few years ago about using feverfew for Migraine Headaches. They were becoming too frequent, so I decided to give it a try. I don't miss a day now. They really do help alot! I still get migraines, but they are usually associated with that typical hormonal drop with a womans menstrual cycle. The frequency of my migraines with this product has gone down to just the monthly ones now. Great stuff..I'd suggest it to anyone with them!


Feverview for migrane

Reviewer1430366发表于 Apr 17, 2009

Thanks for your professional sending of my order....it's a pleasure to do business with you. BL


Nature's Way, Feverfew Leaves

Reviewer3026600发表于 May 17, 2013

I started taking Feverfew at the recommendation of my daughter. She inherited migraines from me, which started for her about five years ago...mine started roughly 20 years ago. I've been taking the drug Imitrex, which works well, but, does little for the frequency factor - so felt it necessary to try Feverfew. My daughter was having success with it, which is why I felt encouraged to do so. Almost immediately I felt the difference in certain key situations that I knew, under normal conditions would be a trigger, and nothing happened. That was about a year ago I started feverfew, taking 2 tabs a day. I've been able to cut down considerably on my prescription Imetrix, to a migraine "maybe" once a month, that only lasts that one day, (from 4-5 a month, lasting 2-3 days). Needless to say, I'm absolutely pleased with this product.


Migraine Relief At Last

Reviewer1024001发表于 Jun 26, 2010

Forty year sufferer of Migraine and stress headaches. Take two easy to swallow capsules three times daily & for me, my migraine attacks, including auras, have been reduced 85%, which in itself, is a blessing. I also suffer less "stress" headaches than I ever thought possible. User must be consistent with the six capsules to receive optimal effect. I am extremely pleased with product & don't mind the necessity to digest this natural easy to swallow capsule for the rest of my days, given the relief it provides. Better than any prescription medication I have ever been treated with. Plus, no side effects!!



Reviewer1732989发表于 Apr 30, 2008

were recomended by our chiropractor... our queen of england uses these also.


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