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Reviewer2808608发表于 Mar 14, 2008

I have used MSM for years for specific areas, so it is easy to forget that all qualities are not the same. I ran across another brand of MSM & since the label had a dr's name attached & it was a significant amount cheaper I bought it. BAD IDEA!!! I ended up taking twice the amount of what I do the Nature's Way product without getting any of the results. Nature's Way product is a good quality at a reaonable price &iHerb aways gives excellent service. Be assured this is a lesson I won't haveta learn again. I don't use price to guage what quality of gas I put in my vehicle so it doesn't make sense to use it for what goes in my body...Deb in Bama


Love this prooduct

Reviewer1805827发表于 Nov 07, 2007

I have thicker hair now at 58 than I did at 15. My join paint iis gone, I think I owe it all to MSM. I take 2000-3000 mg a day.


Works great for back pain

Reviewer2184334发表于 Feb 19, 2007

I take two capsule each night before bed and no longer wake up with middle and low back pain. Highly recommended.


Pure MSM, no fillers

Reviewer1139510发表于 Sep 30, 2009

This is my favorite brand of MSM. The Capsules have NO fillers at all! Plus, unlike Lignisul brand the MSM is not sourced from China!


Works great - best price

Reviewer1607310发表于 Nov 18, 2008

OptiMSM is made in USA, and this is about the best price you can find anywhere. Works great for my minor arthritis. Make a huge difference in how my back feels in the morning. Works for me.


puresest kind

Reviewer1053546发表于 Sep 14, 2008

I only take this brand because it is known to have the purest MSM. It makes my fingernail and skin healthy. Love it.


Unbelievable good product

Reviewer2292722发表于 Oct 25, 2008

I take 2 pills a day and I almost can't believe the effect of it. I have back pain for almost 15 years now. I learned to live with it because I could handle it and didn't want to take medicine for it...4 weeks ago I started taking hyaluric acid also against pain in my joints with biotin. This combination helped to reduce the pain in my joints, but not in my back....After taking MSM in 7 days I felt that my backpain was almost gone!!! I really can't believe it, because I haven't felt that for 15 years!!! So I can tell you, it works for me!


pre-arthritic inflammation

Reviewer3085629发表于 Oct 08, 2008

As part of my regimented use of supplements to maintain healthy joints and their surrounding tissues following knee surgery in 11/98, I can attest--after several years of using my own body as a science project and isolating/identifying known and confounding variables--to the effectiveness of MSM as a valid contributor to this health. Of course, one should study and practice Iyengar yoga to realize greater benefit.


Great product, even better price!

Reviewer1214804发表于 Jan 31, 2009

All I can say is that when I don't take the MSM, my body pains are noticeably worse. I've been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and I always have some type of back, neck, shoulder, or arm pain/soreness but the MSM greatly reduces it. Plus the price is amazing for that many capsules and iherb is a dream to buy from!



Reviewer2882806发表于 Jan 20, 2010

Veg caps, no fillers, and distilled. I use MSM for mercury detox, allergies/inflammation, etc. I don't like the flip/screw bottle caps. They are not very airtight. I wish Nature's Way would go back and use regular screw caps like Doctor's Best. As soon as I find this same product in an airtight bottle, I will gladly switch.


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