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    Great Product!!!!

    Reviewer3213697发表于 2月 06, 2008

    I had ulcerative colitis for over 5 years and had a surgery performed in 2002 to remove my colon, - Restorative Proctocolectomy. After the surgery, I had a number of episodes of Pouchitis, which is treated with antibiotics. My surgeon suggested I try Probiotics on a daily basis to see if there is a reduction in the recurrance of Pouchitis. I tried a number of Probiotics, with some benefits. Then, on searching the web for Probiotics, I came across the 'Nature's Way, Primadophilus Optima 35 Billion CFU'. I have been taking one capsule on a daily basis for the past six months and only had two bouts of Pouchitis which was a great change form the four in six months I use to have before. I am hoping and feel confident that with the continued use of this product, the recurrance of Pouchitis will be completely eliminated. Thank you. Elias Varachia


    Excellent Shipping

    Reviewer2563339发表于 12月 04, 2008

    I greatly appreciate the fact that IHerb sends this perishable product in a refrigerated container! I bought this same product from another internet dealer, and they sent it to me in a regular (non-refrigerated) container, thus jeopardizing the viability of the bacteria.


    Don't Leave Home WIthout It

    Reviewer1254460发表于 1月 08, 2010

    I've struggled with joint and muscle pain for years and this product has gotten rid of all my pain. Was diagnosed with Fybromyalgia in 1997.


    Great product but..

    Reviewer1041539发表于 9月 01, 2008

    I like the fact that iHerb attempts to ship it cold, but I chose expensive next day delivery and the product and ice pack were already warm so that defeated the purpose of choosing fast delivery (it was not an especially warm day either). Obviously the package could have used another ice pack or two. Despite this, the product still seems to work quite well and has the highest count and mix of probiotics I have found. I just don't know how much better it could/would be if it were kept cold in transit. Also, I have found a much better price elsewhere online, which was surprising, since iHerb always seemed to have great prices on other products I have ordered.


    Arrived on a hot day from UPS, but still seem to have some potency

    Reviewer3192134发表于 7月 17, 2010

    I remember when they were delivered, the cardboard box from the UPS truck was quite warm. I started to wonder if they were still fully potent. Still, they seem to make a difference in my stools: bulkier, more moist, easier going. (Sorry if that's gross. It's meant to be clinical.) Also, I tried cold fermenting a bowl of of steel milled oat meal in lukewarm water by mixing in the powder from one of these capsules and letting it sit for a day and a half. Then I cooked it. It seemed to work, so there's definitely some live bacteria left. It was kind of like "sourdough oatmeal" if that makes sense.


    Can be shipped without ice pack according to Nature's Way

    Reviewer1738658发表于 6月 17, 2009

    I just recently ordered Primadopholis Optima and was surprised to see that when I received me order from iHerb, it was in a regular cardboard box with no ice pack. I've ordered other items that required refrigeration from iHerb.com before and received them on ice. I contacted iHerb and was told that Nature's Way told them it's okay to ship without ice. Just out of curiosity, I also contacted Nature's Way and this was the response I received: Primadophilus Optima can be out of refrigeration for a few days without losing the potency. We add extra cultures to allow for the product to be out of refrigeration for shipping and manufacturing. But for long term storage in order to hold the potency the product should be stored in the refrigerator. At least I know that I'm not losing anything in shipment. I will have to give it a few weeks before posting a review about the product itself.


    Love It

    Reviewer1949637发表于 9月 25, 2008

    We love this product. Our whole family uses it. It helps with healthy intestinal flora and aids in relieving constipation.


    Good but has room for improvement

    Reviewer1500883发表于 10月 28, 2008

    Experts recommend combining a more broad based ProBiotic when taking a specific strain such as Lactobacillus LGG. So we take it with Nature's Way Primadophilus Optima and the combination seems to be effective for settling the stomach. Optima could be made more effective if Nature's Way increases the potency of the Bifidobacterium Infantis strain. iHerb needs to reduce the price of this product to match other online retailers. Otherwise, iHerb provided good deliovery and service.


    Great product, but don't order it from IHERB

    Reviewer1949759发表于 7月 10, 2008

    They can't get it to you cold. I had them ship it 4 times. I don't think they freeze their cold packs. It arrives HOT in the area I am in. I live in a one day shipping area. The product is great though. Cure indigestion problems and IBS.


    Recommended product!

    Reviewer1818498发表于 12月 30, 2008

    Doctors are finally starting to catch on to the benefits of probiotics. Mine recommended this product to me and while I've only been taking this product for a couple of weeks, I notice a big difference in my IBS. Also appreciated the refrigerated package it was shipped in.


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