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Great Cleanse !

vinetu28发表于 8月 31, 2012

I've used this product several times over the last few years. It is a great and easy to use cleansing program that is not so aggressive it makes you feel bad. One advantage of this product is that it uses natural ingredients. Unlike many other diet supplements, this product does not contain many harmful chemicals as filler ingredients. You will need to make sure that you follow the diet recommendations in the pamphlet to get the most out of the cleanse, lean meats - poultry, fish, vegetables, etc. Also, drink plenty of water (because, taking without enough liquid may cause choking), and try to sweat for 30 minutes a day. Even if it is just sitting in a hot bath tub You will feel the product working and you will feel lighter, more energetic. I will consider this for regular body cleaning every three to four months as the product recommends. Appears to be no negative side effects. The capsules don't irritate my stomach (as many have reported) and I don't mind taking truck loads of supplements each day. I'm assuming that the folks that can't take pills twice/ three times a day do not regularly or actively take supplements anyways. It's non-invasive and relatively standard for a supplement cleanse. I would recommend this for beginners or those of you who would like to be able to leave your house while doing it. It is a great and easy to use cleansing program that is not so aggressive it makes you feel bad. Every day your body is exposed to impurities and toxins that can build up inside and affect good health. So, be sure to consider taking this or similar product. ---Side note---The Thisilyn Fiber Blend contains psyllium as its main ingredient. So, you need to avoid psyllium if you have a throat problem or difficulty swallowing. If you are allergic to melon, English plantain pollen or grass pollen use caution because you may have cross-sensitivity to psyllium.


This stuff rocks

Reviewer1195136发表于 6月 25, 2008

This does a better job of anything I've ever taken to prevent gallbladder attacks--I think rather than "cleansing" the liver, it improves liver function.


Thisilyn Daily Cleanse

Reviewer1041343发表于 1月 31, 2010

Excellent product. Worth the money.


Great Daily Cleanse!

Reviewer2455359发表于 6月 11, 2009

This is a great daily fiber cleanse.


very gentle

Reviewer2760725发表于 3月 04, 2009

I had problems before with herbal cleansers being too harsh for system and causing all kind of problems but this one is very gentle I plan to keep on using it.


Keeps me clean

Reviewer2012636发表于 8月 02, 2011

Very gentle product


New on the product

Reviewer1611950发表于 9月 30, 2009

It seems to be helping quite well


Thisilyn daily cleanse

Reviewer2753069发表于 11月 29, 2008

Good for cleaning your system


Product works

Reviewer2917913发表于 8月 28, 2009

This product works as it does keep me regular; however, I have never had an issue in this area. I am mainly taking it for the extra fiber.


Daily Cleanse

Reviewer1885212发表于 11月 04, 2011

I am taking 5 capsules twice a day to achieve any result. It will be far too expensive to continue using this product in the future


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