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I'm a skeptic, I'm a believer

Reviewer1706725发表于 Nov 17, 2008

As a physician, I get lots of coughing in my face on a daily basis. I read a review of Umcka in one of my journals, which cited a statistically sound study showing the beneficial effects. I have used it twice so far this year when I started with cold symptoms, and the virus lasted less time and was much less severe. I bought extra to keep on hand! I have had much less success with several products (effervescent tabs, nasal swabs) bought at my local drugstore, so I will continue to order this.



Reviewer2167318发表于 Jun 28, 2011

We have been using this for many years. As long as you start right when you feel something is coming on, seems to work Wonders. Kept me out of the DR office for years. I do combine it with other herbs and supplements.


Umcka Original Drops

Reviewer1019742发表于 Oct 21, 2009

Doctor's diagnosis was bronchitis so he suggested Umcka which he carries in his office. Started taking it right away (had been about a day since first symptoms and started hacking). I believe taking it prevented the bronchitis and cough from getting worse. The usual weeks and weeks of cough were gone after 2 days! Years ago I used the cough syrup which didn't help much, but the drops seem to be much more effective.


Very helpful!!

Reviewer1839345发表于 Sep 21, 2010

I've used this in the past, and it worked GREAT for all types of colds (sinus, chest, etc). My husband, who is military and is forced to get a flu shot (which, even though it's supposed to be impossible, gives him the flu for a good 2-3 weeks after every shot) has taken this and this past year, managed to avoid getting the flu from it! I've noticed it lessens the effects when taken after already sick. This year I bought it in preparation for the flu/cold season coming up. Nothing like being prepared!


Finally something that works!

Reviewer2624728发表于 Aug 04, 2011

Thank you for making a product that helps shorten the nasty cold. I'm hooked!


great for a sore throat

Reviewer2051852发表于 Nov 06, 2011

At the first sign of a sore throat I take these and they help SOO much!


Great Product

Reviewer1182455发表于 Dec 28, 2011

For the past twenty years I would get a winter cold that always turned into something worse. Two winters ago my stepdaughter gave some of this and I haven't even had a bad cold since. My family and friends have been amazed at how well it works.


It works

Reviewer3273127发表于 Jan 09, 2012

I use this product at the first signs of cold and it works every time.


excellent product

Reviewer2672403发表于 Jan 30, 2012

I always keeps this in my house. if you take it at the on start of a cold or flu, it knocks it right out. My doctor recommended it and it works.


what a lifesaver!

Reviewer1936264发表于 May 07, 2012

In the last 4 years I've once had a cold that didn't resolve very fast once I took Umcka. (I teach and am exposed to plenty of colds.) Love this stuff. Feels like it helps the cold go away sooner rather than just suppressing a symptom or two temporarily.


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