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Highly Recommend

Reviewer1748917发表于 Apr 22, 2009

This is a vanilla blonde color vs. greyish platinum blonde. I have been using the color for a couple of years. Thank you iherb for stocking it.


Great, more natural product

Reviewer1295229发表于 Mar 15, 2010

I like this product a lot. It is waaaay better than the grocery store brands - those completely fry my hair. My natural color has gotten pretty dark and this doesn't get my hair really light blond, but more of a neutral golden blond and it is pretty. I think the Naturtint Light Dawn Blond is a little better than the Herbatint Platinum for me because the shade comes out more neutral. (These are both the same level - 10 N, just different brands.) The Herbatint Platinum came out with a little warmer, more golden tone with my hair.


It rocks

Reviewer3114870发表于 Aug 26, 2011

Naturtint is the only brand I could find which is truly free of harmful chemicals. All the other, even so-called "organic" brands I could find contain, shall we say, unethical chemicals. On my original sandy dark blonde it comes out almost white, which is what it would look like after sun exposure (30-40 mins Naturtint vs. 3weeks on the beach non-stop). Let me tell you one thing: it rocks. No yellow cast, no reds. I love it. On pre-colored hair (a mainstream store variety) it looks golden. I love that too but prefer the more neutral tone which is the result on my previously not colored hair. The best thing: it not only did no damage, it even seems to have REPAIRED a lot of damage my hair suffered before. Highly recommended.


Da Bomb

Reviewer2592122发表于 Mar 20, 2010

I have brown hair, and usually when I try to go blonde from a box, it ends up orange-y. This product made my hair a nice color - not blonde enough, but not gross, either. Not orange-y.


Works good.

Reviewer2265261发表于 Dec 13, 2011

I have been using this product for years and have not found anything better. The downside is that the color only lasts about two weeks and then dramatically starts to fade.


Oh O, I've gone ginger; beware those with ginger undertones

Reviewer2130113发表于 Jul 11, 2010

I'm 49 & have 5% grey hair; a natural blonde that's naturally gone from surfie whitish platinum blonde in teenagehood to motley 'tortoiseshell' medium/dark/honey blonde with light blonde tips with increasing grey sprinkle in middle age(I don't normally color my hair) - I am aware there's ginger in my hair but have gone florid ginger after using an eighth of a bottle of this product in attempting home made streaks - the result is acceptable all over my head EXCEPT at temples and forefront of crown where the ginger is VERY apparent - I may have to now fork out for a professional to fix it up - you may be OK if you have no ginger undertones waiting to be unleashed.



Reviewer2069151发表于 Jun 13, 2011

this product is very good, excellent for african american who wish to go blond. and it is evry gentle,


Good product.

Reviewer1942896发表于 Oct 09, 2011

I am giving it a four and not a five because I got a yellowish tinge with some orange, but overall a pretty color. But, it was very mild and did no damage. I sprayed a little Sun-In on the orange spots and lightened them a bit, Will buy again.


Nro 1 choice

Reviewer2716007发表于 Sep 06, 2012

This is the first hair colorant I didn't get any allergic reaction and results are stunning,without murdering my hair:)Will buy again definitely.



Reviewer2462987发表于 Mar 06, 2011

Very pleased! Yellow no. Hair soft and healthy. Brightens up very well. I like this product.


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