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unbelievably EFFECTIVE for my dog's warts

Reviewer2256362发表于 2月 04, 2011

my dog has had warts growing all over her back for the last 6 years. desperate to figure out how to help her from what is clearly a viral problem I recently found that camu camu is the MOST ABSORBABLE form of Vitamin C and potent for herpes so I gave her (she weighs 50 pounds) 1/2 teaspoon in the AM and then at night...and THEY HAVE DISAPPEARED. in 3 weeks many of them were gone. NO JOKE. after years of them growing they are NOW disappearing. absolutely amazing. I now tell everyone about it. Remember these are warts that are disappearing and NOT skin tags.


Tangy sour tart ... but I like that!

Reviewer1399339发表于 11月 03, 2011

Taste great with stevia and mixed with Emergen-C too.


The taste is not very good

Reviewer1817474发表于 3月 23, 2011

Not the best tasting vit c I have tried. I prefer Madre-C from Madre Labs, which is a blend of different natural sources of vit c, also with camu-camu in it.


Ghastly bitter taste

4839964790182216380发表于 9月 05, 2014

Love the fact that this has 1100 times the daily dose of vitamin C and use it sparingly. However, this is one of THE worst tasting powders I've ever had. Half a teaspoon in 20mls of fizzy mineral water is just tolerable if you drink it faster than the speed of light.


Dissolves easily, raw, organic and affordable

Reviewer2647272发表于 11月 08, 2011

I had purchased a very small jar of Camu Camu at a health food store and paid more for it than I did this bag. This dissolves more easily too. Another great product by Navitas!


Raw camu camu

holahola发表于 12月 23, 2010

Super! A healthbomb against illness! Taste VERY bitter, so I use to fill it in veggie capsules.



5154170390377322146发表于 9月 13, 2014

Well,I was told to use a naturally derived vitamin C to help lower my high Copper levels..had also ordered Rosehip powder BUT unfortunately its a histamine Liberator So reacted badly to it ,so switched to this Instead.. Very happy I did! Feel like it is helping to lower my histamine levels So I can recover from my histamine probs and lower my copper at the same time! Its a win win!


like the taste

4655756283823407200发表于 6月 02, 2014

I put 4 stars as still use it and get deffently said the result for health. Camu powder is an excellent food-based source of Vitamin C. I liked it in a fruit and vegetable smoothies, salads, and put it on the top of cereals. The taste is not very sour for me very pleasant. The package is quite big and I think it will be enough for 3-4 months.


pas d'amélioration

5711994911375105219发表于 10月 16, 2014

Après utilisation de cette poudre je n'ai constaté aucun changement ni effet bénéfique sur mes pathologies inflammatoires.


bought this because of the extremely high content of vit C

Reviewer2778088发表于 9月 24, 2010

- more than 5 times the amount than the other organic Camu form the same brand - it´s the only camu that advertises to be raw so guess it is because of that? anyway - it seems like the best value C-vit wise, it doesn´t actually taste good but have no experience with other camu powders to compare and since you need so little it´s of less importance. I mix it with other powders for an all natural vitamin cocktail that doesn´t taste good anyway (brewers yeast, spirulina, amla) but is concentrated, in this mixture it dissolves easily, alone not.


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