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would be 3 star by adding Stevita liq. Strawb.Stevia...Coconut Powder worth buy, try, keep around, bec convenient, raw, org.

Reviewer3345960发表于 Feb 20, 2013

Navitas Naturals (NN) Coconut Water Powder (CWP) - 1 tablespoon is considered a serving, and there are 20 servings, so each serving comes out to about $.60 (60 cents) if you purchase it here at Iherb...IMO, each 1 tbsp serving tastes good in 6 ounces of water...In comparison, the only raw and organic coconut water (not powder) I could find, and I absolutely love, is Harmless Harvest's 100% Raw Coconut Water which comes in 8 and 16 ounce bottles, and comes out to about $2.25-$3 for 6 ounces...So, the NNCWP is 60 cents per 6 ounces compared with $2.25-$3 per 6 ounces of the liquid one by Harless Harvest...NNCWP is less expensive, has a longer expiration date, takes up less room, but does not taste as good as any of the different non-raw, organic and non-organic bottled coconut waters I have tasted. I prefer the raw organic one by Harmless Harvest, which I would give 5 stars to, as opposed to Navitas Naturals Coconut Water Powder, which I gave 2 stars to...I liked how it tasted much better after having added Stevita's strawbery liquid stevia to it, which would bring the 2 stars up to 3 stars, but I do not feel it is fair to rate the strawberry stevia with it...Still, the powder is so conventient, esp for being raw and organic, and I think it is definitely worth buying, trying and keeping around, preferably as long as you add a sweetened flavor, even though all the bottled coconut waters I ever tried, all tasted better...Btw, I use a lot of raw organic powders including Garden of Life and also Navitas Naturals, and I love the way they all taste, and I am just saying this so that any readers do not think that my perhaps less than average rating of the raw coconut water powder is due to not being used to eating raw foods...The NNCWP has a slight "vomit" like aftertaste which I find hard to avoid if I put it into cold water, esp since the powder does not mix that well in water in general, and esp in colder water, at least not enough to taste like real coconut water, but I like the refreshing taste of the colder water...The only time I ever taste that "vomity" type taste in all my other raw powders is when I blended a smoothie and tried drinking it from the frig 2 days later...One more thing worth mentioning is that if this product had been made by a company I never heard of, and/or I did not think it was raw and/or organic, I would have rated it with 1 star, or perhaps none if it were possible. I just tend to trust that Navitas Naturals is making this product as good as it can be made...I secretly wonder, however, if it is truly as nutritious as I am convincing myself it is due to the brand, rawness, and organic feature, and I wish they would list all the amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients in this product.


Great for travel

LantauMama发表于 Jun 29, 2013

My morning smoothie usually has coconut water kefir or coconut water. When I travel, I bring my powders, chia seeds, and blender ball bottle to make my smoothies on the go. This becomes one of my critical ingredients to give it that nice coconut water taste. What I do is: 1. make up a zip lock baggie for each day I am away, and premix everything for one smoothie, then 2. dump it in my blender ball bottle and add water and 3. shake and enjoy! Without this, they are really too watery and not as tasty.


My must have product

bambiraptor发表于 Jun 21, 2013

As I mentioned in my other review I love everything which has coconut in it's nam e or ingredient list :). I love coconut water - we have coconut water for purchase here in Poland but it's very expensive. I was looking for a substitute to it as I love it's taste. I wanted to try this powdered water. It came very quick to me (Im an international buyer from Poland) and I loved it! It's my absolutely must have item in kitchen. I wish there would be larger package of it (for example 500g or 1kg pack). It's very handy and I use it after my workouts. I will buy it again for sure.


Coconut Water Powder

5314022820122351077发表于 Feb 19, 2013

It has a nice taste that is very similar to regular coconut water, though not exactly the same. I find that the taste isn't as strong (but you can probably fix that by using a bit of extra powder) and you don't get the slightly bitter aftertaste that you can sometimes get with regular coconut water. For flavored coconut water just add a bit of juice concentrate to the already diluted powder.


Estupendo, pero se conserva regular

artemisa发表于 Feb 04, 2014

Como opción barata al agua de coco, este polvo listo para mezclar con agua es una forma excelente de reponer electrolitos tras una sesión de gimnasio. AL menos, es más sano que otras bebidas de supermercado que sirven para el mismo proposito. Sin embargo, cuando la bolsa lleva abierta unos días si no se cierra bien el polvo se apelmaza. Tuve que tirar el resto del paquete por eso mismo.



5519270808374319820发表于 Aug 26, 2013

I love this stuff! It taste so good and is close to the real thing. I either add it in water or add it in my smoothies.


Not bad

5536595171908109527发表于 Dec 24, 2013

Tastes like coconut water but not as refreshing as fresh coconut water.. I found it dissolves better in hot water.


Really convenient, but clumps very badly

Umbridge发表于 Jan 06, 2014

This is super convenient and more affordable than coconut water. Unfortunately, this product clumps very badly if it gets the slightest bit of moisture. I had to throw most of the bag out, so I doubt I will purchase again.


Under average product

Reviewer1800429发表于 Sep 22, 2013

You can hardly call this powder. At least all three bags I ordered are all in big lumps, that aren't too easily soluble into water. Tastes still quite good considering it's a "powder". Organic is a plus.


I'm disapointed.

5425483509224757150发表于 Jul 15, 2013

It doesnt taste that much. You have to have much moore then recomended and even then it doesnt taste that much. I will not order it again. Like Navitas other products though!


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