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Maca Powder

Reviewer1023333发表于 6月 23, 2008

Great product! Gives me all-day energy and stamina to get me through my physically demanding day at work. Absolutely no jitters or hyperness. I use this product everyday - no more coffee!


Love Maca! what happened to the price??

4983359831277978431发表于 4月 04, 2015

This is an amazing super food that I love using everyday in my supplementation. But what happened to the price ? Last time I paid 19 for the 454 g and now it jumped to 49?? I love the product but a 150% increase?


The extension date is almost end!!!!

5315284486963922335发表于 2月 18, 2016

Why the extension date is almost end!!!!I Jun of this year~please renew your product otherwise it need on sale more than this price!!


Maca Powder

Reviewer2684400发表于 10月 20, 2009

gives you a natural energy boost, unlike cafeine energy drinks.


Good stuff, tast bad!

Reviewer2484723发表于 4月 25, 2011

Maca powder is a great product, but don`t taste good at all. And it`s not a good idèa to start with too much. Better to take a slow and easy start on this stuff...


Navitas Maca Powder

Reviewer2352505发表于 8月 29, 2008

The company says they don't irradiate their product during importation. That's a big plus when paying almost $19 per lb. for this premium food supplement.


Very good stuff!

Reviewer2331282发表于 4月 03, 2008

I put it in fruit smoothies to balance my hormones. I feel much better and attribute this to the maca. It does not have the greatest taste but it is an acceptable trade off given the benefits. This is a raw organic cruciferous vegetable...you can't go wrong eating this everyday!


RECIPE INSIDE! Great taste & a very mild energy lift - not a strong adaptogen,more like superfood...you are welcome to rate & read my other reviews

PracticalReviews发表于 10月 19, 2013

Maca has a distinct sweet & spicy like no other plant i tried,it goes well with cacao (half a tsp of maca and a full tsp of cacao) as a hot beverage and energy enhancer.Maca also nourish our body and not only boost your adrenal like coffee does so there is no side effect and the body react to it as a rich dense food like it really is.this brands powder is very fine micron particle which makes it easily dissolved and the price is right.maca consist of lots of lots of minerals and C,E & B vitamin complex as well as 19 different amino acids with the highest amount of arginine, serine, histidine, aspartic acid, glutamic acid, glycine, valine, phenylalanine, tyrosine, and threonine-so it is indeed a super food.here's a healthy beverage recipe that i do use this product for: 1 tsp of Cacao,1 tsp of Maca and 1 tbsp of Molases,2 chocolate tablets and the smallest amount of salt,mix all together with a cup of hot water & wait for it to be cold enough to drink,then add a handful of Goji berry / lycium berry & coconut chips above-thats it you're ready to go.plus,for a healthier dish although the texture won't be as appealing you can add half a tbsp of flaxseed and the other half chia seeds and a full tbsp of poppy seeds all grinded together in a coffee grinder,and put this on top of the liquid ,very healthy and very tasty as well.i often add add vanilla extract and a tsp of rice bran in the first segment,and sometimes i also add nutiva's hempseeds and/or half a tsp of cordyceps powder but it doesn't taste as good as the original recipe.feel free to rate and read my other products reviews and....you are welcome to rate & read my other reviews


Navitas Naturals, Organic, Maca Powder, Raw Maca Powder, 16 oz (454 g) (NAV-00051)

5509860160192437895发表于 1月 27, 2013

не придумала с чем пить, но пить надо ...))) вкус конечно....не айс.


Digestive Upset

Reviewer2033714发表于 11月 22, 2008

Unfortunately, the raw maca caused a lot of digestive upset, and I wasn't able to use it long enough to see the benefits. I did read that the gelatinzed maca is supposed to be better, if the raw maca is to difficult to digest. I gave it four stars, however, because I believe that Navitas Naturals is a good product.


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