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Great Tea!

Reviewer2629927发表于 Aug 02, 2011

I am unable to purchase this tea in the stores in my locale. I was happy to find that I could at least order it online!



Reviewer1027195发表于 Sep 02, 2011

This particular tea is hard to find these days...particularly at a reasonable price! iHerb's price is great, shipping fantastic, packaging terrific...I'm very pleased! My sister-in-law recommended the company, and I shall definitely move a lot of my nutritional supplement business to this company!


Decaf Nestea

Reviewer2441137发表于 Sep 10, 2011

I have not been able to find this product in the grocery stores, so was delighted when I found your web site and that I could order it from you. Thanks a million!


Nestea, Decaf Iced Tea Mix, Unsweetened, 3 oz

Reviewer2845534发表于 Dec 13, 2011

Great product, good price-- NO Caffeine!


Love it!

5738249739430338747发表于 Aug 11, 2012

I have enjoyed this tea for years but then found difficulty in finding it in stores. I am so pleased that I found it available on line at iHerb. Now I can drink it the way I like it or friends can add sugar or lemon and drink it the way they choose. Also, being Decaf I can drink it any time of day or night. Thanks you so much. I noticed a review that said they didn't like it and my suggestion is to use a little more water.


Best instant tea out there!

5753144435631411566发表于 Feb 09, 2013

Nestea has always been my favorite instant tea. I started buying the Decaf last year and then once winter hit, no place carries it anymore. Im so glad I found this site. Try it if you havent, you will not be disappointed!


Nestea Decaf Unsweetened tea

5382542766312200877发表于 Jun 04, 2013

I can not find this tea in my area anymore. I stumbled upon it here when I used a search engine. I have purchased several at once and soon to order more. It is a great tea. I am diabetic and have anxiety so the decaf and unsweetened is the tea for me. Thank you so much for having it available.


Nestes, Decaf Iced Tea Mix

5670531631474402185发表于 Jul 03, 2013

We have been using this product a long time and all of a sudden the food stores didn't carry it any more, or at least not the Dacaf,but Reg. Thank you for carrying this product. We even have ask the stores to start carrying the Decaf again, they won't.


Decaf Tea

4873618265905680817发表于 Jul 06, 2013

We're really glad you have this type and brand of tea, as we are unable to buy it anywhere in our area. It's wonderful as usual. Thanks, Roger and Jeanne Tauck


Great Tasting Decaf Tea!

BeckySue发表于 Mar 17, 2015

Nestea has always been a summer favorite. It is nice that this is decaf too!


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