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Real C

Reviewer1802755发表于 Sep 11, 2008

This is the only Vitamin C supplement I give my family, because it is REAL C; most products are made with ascorbic acid, which is NOT natural vitamin C. Ascorbic acid is synthesized to be identical to natural vitamin C, but in synthesis, both an exact replica of natural C and its mirror image (that is, the EXACT OPPOSITE OF REAL VIT C)are produced. The prolonged use of ascorbic acid has been known to cause health problems, particularly with the kidneys, presumably because your body doesn't know what to do with that mirror image of Vit C.


Definitely worth buying!

Supplementsdiy发表于 Nov 17, 2013

Vitamin C is a well known antioxidant that is known to reduce high blood pressure, help protect from the cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, stroke, prevent cancer, kidney stones, boost immune system, helps to detox by binding to heavy metals, pro moting healings in cells, support good bacteria while destroying bad bacteria, protect from environmental toxins, osteoporosis, support collagen in maintaining healthy skin and many others! Vitamin C has over 80 years of research, over thousand studies and a very safe record even if taken at high doses. What is best about this product it consists of natural Vitamin C and its co factors, Natural Vitamin C complex are known to work in synergy with bioactivity up 10-30 times more than isolated Vitamin C! In addition, its co factors like rutin, bioflavonoids come with its set of their own benefits as well! This is a good source of natural Vitamin C that is not manufactured in any chemical lab/factory. It is easily digested and be even taken on empty stomach which you can’t if you are using synthetic Vitamin C. It is organic and contains quite a spectrum of other immune boosting herbs or nutrients. Though the recommended dosage is 1 tablet, I would recommend at least 2 daily and it still can last 3 months. 2 tablets will give you 500mg of natural Vitamin C which is the same what other natural food based Vitamin C’s recommended dosages. The tablets are not vegan, not big and easy to swallow. While I like that the product does not use flow agents like magnesium stearate, it does contain a few other binders/flow agents. Personally, I feel like this definitely works better than synthetic Vitamin C at boosting the immune system. Check out my page for more reviews!


new chapt.c food

Reviewer2094529发表于 Dec 02, 2008

better form of c plus


All Food Supplement Vitamin C

Reviewer1607657发表于 Aug 31, 2008

Like all New Chapter products, the vitamin C is great. You can feel the difference from day one. Thanks to iHerb for carrying all of New Chapter products at a good savings. The best of the best customer service! Mike, CA


Excellent product

Reviewer1962787发表于 Nov 15, 2008

Finally I have found a completely natural C supplement. I am an avid user of vitamin C although for years I had been using a brand which came across as "all natural" but in fact only 32mg per 250mg was food sourced. I take 2x tablets (500mg) every morning with my protein shake. Although there are no noticeable effects that can be solely attributed to C for me, it is an antioxidant and immune booster. I find that my general vitality has improved significantly since I revamped my morning supplement regime to food sourced vitamins and pre digested proteins. C works in synergy with protein and B complexes, enhancing over bio availability of each other. I like how this contains moderate amounts of an array of immune enhancers, although I would not take this for "heavy dosing" because you would be getting 40mg, 80mg, 160mg etc of the immune boosters as you increase your C intake. Some of the herbs in this supplement are not recommended in traditional Chinese medicine for "acute symptoms" and I prefer to take around 2,000-5,000mg of C when cold symptoms appear, so I will stick with the Mega Foods C-400 for that purpose.


Excellent product!

Reviewer3013115发表于 Mar 09, 2010

I love the quality of the C Complex by New Chapter Organics. I take 3 a day during the flu season and have yet to catch a cold or flu. Prior to discovering this brand I got sick 5-6 times a year. I highly recommend it!



Reviewer1217356发表于 Jan 14, 2009

Does not give me acid problems.


The best

New-2-iherb-check-my-page发表于 Jun 17, 2013

This is the only vitamin C supplement I purchase for my family. You can't beat the price here and this often goes on sale for an extra 20 percent off.



juniper发表于 Sep 27, 2012

I like this form of Vitamin C, there's just enough daily amount as too much Vitamin C might make it pro-oxidant. Also, there's no stomach discomfort from taking this.


Reduces dental tartar

Reviewer1859036发表于 Jan 19, 2013

I take 3 or 4 grams of this vitamin C daily to reduce my dental tartar build up. Google "Invisible toothbrush." It works! Expensive, but I haven't come across a cheaper option yet.


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