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great taste and quality

Reviewer1863032发表于 Aug 12, 2012

My autistic daughter will chew these, they seem very beneficial for her. I really like this brand and will pay the few dollars extra to get the quality product that my child will actually take.


Even my 2 year old loves these

MamaToMany发表于 May 09, 2013

This is an amazing product, and an amazing brand. The sister product to this, Ultimate Omega Junior, is also highly recommended for kids who need more omegas. I give this to my children with special emotional needs, in attempt to avoid medication for bi-polar & OCD/ADD. I can tell within 1 day if my "neediest" child missed his "dose" of this (or the Omega Junior). It truly calms children, keeps focus, and generally keeps the insanity under control. I recommend this product for ALL children, but especially for those with emotional/mental health needs. My 25 month old begs for these!!! The older kids swallow them, but the little ones chew them up just fine! **If you have an ADD &/or OCD &/or Bi-Polar child, be sure to give them this and you will see a big difference in their behavior/happiness/focus, and remove ALL food dye. Iherb sells incredible treats for kids so they won't even miss the junk their friends are eating.**


Flavor is OK

Reviewer1791085发表于 May 26, 2011

The flavor was passable. Found the gel caps to be a little more tough than the Carlson DHA chewables.


good product

Reviewer1778717发表于 Jun 04, 2011

This would be better for my daughter if she could just swallow it, but she is four and doesn't like the flavor(when chewing it) as much as the other Omega's by Nordic.


hopefully working

Reviewer2553230发表于 Apr 19, 2011

omega oils are important, nephew 6 yrs old. he likes the flavor


Bad taste

4950717182916433541发表于 Oct 22, 2015

The smell was wonderful, but once you start chewing them, you get ONLY taste of fish oil. I was really surprised, as we took omega supplements for kids from other brands and they all tasted like candy and kids loved them. Next time would definitely look for something with a better flavor. These should be fine (and the brand is considered one of the best for quality of their omegas), if your kid is old enough to just swallow the caps.


Wonderful Brand

Reviewer1405760发表于 Dec 23, 2011

I bought these for our 7 year old however he much prefers the small DHA soft gels. The Daily Omegas also seemed to make him more hyper. Maybe at this point he still needs more DHA than EPA.


Nordic Naturals, Daily Omega Kids, Natural Fruit Flavor, 500 mg, 30 Chewable Soft Gels

5689750863911266325发表于 Oct 29, 2012

My pretty daughter like chewing these Nordic Omega Natural Fruit Flavor.



4974510409567459797发表于 Aug 28, 2014

הילדה אוהבת את הטעם


Noridic Naturals

4950137916699237694发表于 Mar 09, 2015

This is our favorite brand of fish oil. My kids don't swallow supplements nor are they found of taking a spoonful of fish oil so these are perfect. They enjoy the flavor and don't hesitate to take these.


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