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Highly Effective

Reviewer3079478发表于 Jun 18, 2009

My husband has suffered from depression for 25 years and the 5-HTP has been the only thing to make any impact. For the first time in years he is smiling and occaisionally able to do things he hasn't done in years. He takes it at a low dosage and it still accomplishes much good for him. I have been suffering from depression with an escalation in the last year to dangereous levels. 5-HTP has had a significant impact. It keeps the despair at bay so that I can still go to work and maintain some level of function. I will be increasing my dose to also address migraine headaches, and/or use when hit with a migraine and hope that it will prove as effective with that dysfunction as well. I highly recommend reading the research on this product. It has provided me the ability to continue on without longing for death every day. I am capable of acting, and thinking, and feeling, beyond the depression and despair which were becoming unmanageable and completely overwhelming prior to taking the 5-HTP. I now buy at a higher quantity for myself. Highly recommend.


Joyous Change!

Reviewer1411287发表于 Jan 24, 2009

I was taking Effexor XR and went off of it 'cold turkey' causing extreme dizziness, nausea and stuttering. I started 5HTP about 5 days into those withdrawal symptoms (which lasted 10 days!) and IMMEDIATELY felt my drive, joy , and energy return! I'm back in my work-out routine instead of the napping routing the effexor had me in and I feel like my healthy old happy self again!


Tired of Zoloft

Reviewer2661328发表于 Jan 22, 2008

I have been on Zoloft for several years to manage an anxiety disorder and depression. I have been wanting to take a more homeopathic approach to my health and started trying more natural supplemental support for these problems. I weaned off the Zoloft over the span of a few weeks before I began taking this. My moods were all over the place and depression returned. This does definitely have a positive effect. In fact I notice that during the day I can feel it wear off and since I wasn't sure if it was safe to take another dose, I have added St. John's Wort first thing in the morning. The jury is out as to whether I will be able to manage long term in this fashion, but there is definitely truth in the information that these can help manage anxiety/depressive mood disorders. I think it is probably still wise to talk with your doctor before trying these methods.


Helps Fibromyalgia

Reviewer2849284发表于 Aug 16, 2008

My functional medicine doctor recommended 5-HTP for fibromyalgia; it's phenomenal for ELIMINATING stiffness. When I'm really feeling it, I take 5-6 of these 200 mg vcaps, and all the stiffness goes away.


Love this stuff!

Reviewer2490120发表于 Aug 10, 2009

5-htp has allowed me to successfully discontinue using antidepressants - I'm happy, smiling and even crying when appropriate - I couldn't even cry while on antidepressants.


5-HTP replaces SSRI's in my case

Reviewer2766166发表于 Apr 16, 2009

For me 5-HTP replaced SSRI's with none of that flattening of your personality, loss of libido and bruises that SSRI's cause. I'm not a health food, supplement or vitamin junkie. I was told by my doctor that it is a precursor to serotonin production (the short version), and the body thus uses it as it sees fit in those areas where it needs it. The SSRI's forcefully restrict the uptake of serotonin in many parts of the body and thus much more heavy handed.


works well

Reviewer3073906发表于 Oct 29, 2008

Great product, helping with my ADD. Stick to the recommended dosage, otherwise you may feel nauseous.



Reviewer2624820发表于 Jun 15, 2011

this thing CURED my chronic constipation OVERNIGHT, no kidding. I had not been to the bathroom without 'help' for 7 MONTHS, and right after beginning w 5htp it ALL went away. my chronic constipation was due to too low serotonin levels, which is why this fixed it so quickly. probiotics were useless...


Works great to help me sleep

Reviewer2031583发表于 Mar 05, 2009

When I bought this I did not realize that it has tyrosine in it. I switched from 5-HTP 100 mg for sleep to 200 mg because 100 mg was not working well for me anymore. I was concerned that the Tyrosine in this 5-HTP would keep me awake at night but instead I am sleeping much better. I have read that 5-HTP depletes your tyrosine so maybe that is why Now includes the tyrosine. I take this by opening the capsule and letting the powder dissolve in my mouth; that way it starts working very quickly to help me fall asleep fast.



Reviewer2929446发表于 Feb 02, 2009

For serrotonin deficiency. Helps you get undepressed.


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